So my goal is to post once a day. At least a line or two. And hopefully once I learn how to use my camera I’ll get some awesome pics up. =)

So let’s see… tomorrow I’m going to this cleanup at Brooklyn (haven’t gone to cleanups in so long!). And just yesterday I finished this application for an awesome program called the NYC Minority Environmental Training Institute. If you want to find out more about it all the forms are on the site http://www.nheec.org =) It’s an awesome training program in the parks in NYC! =)

Anyway time to test my technical capabilities and see if I can get an mv in here:

This is my guilty pleasure by the way, I also like less poppy music but their dancing is SOOOO cool… and it’s so much fun to figure out who’s who XDD
Can you find Kyuhyun? Or Yesung?

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