Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Park Fail!

So I was GOING to go to this park cleanup today… but then after leaving the house and renting a car (horrors! X_X) at 9 to get to this park cleanup in Staten Island that lasted from 9-2, my mom and I… um… got lost. So after looking around for half an hour we gave up and went to Gateway National Park and saw this fort memorial museum. It was cool – but that’s all there was, plus a walking tour. Now if there had been a HIKING tour… But at least we got to see this fort from relatively close (Fort War-someting? I’ll edit this if and when I find out): Staten Island Fort Mom!

Me at the FortAnd me again
Then we went and tried out my mom’s new GPS navigator to get to the closest Indian place we could find – in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. (Adios Staten Island!) We didn’t get much though, next time I’ll remember to take pictures. Had to clean the house and didn’t get enough exercise in today (my exercise was GOING to be cleaning the park), but tomorrow I’m SAILING!!! Muahaha!!! I promise to have pictures!!! Time to work on an evil English term project… but before I go here’s some music… this is going to be in my head when I’m writing it…

(btw AI is one of the most awesome and underrated movies EVER!!!)

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