So I’m trying to write a novel in two days…

And I have 4.5 pages. Impressive, no?

OK, I’m fulfilling my promise of a post a day, especially since it’s June 1st and I have more than one post (yay!) so I might as well continue the trend. But I really can’t do much today. I have like a total of two minutes to make a post.

So that means that I’ll be including TWO awesome music videos!!! =)

I tried to find the DBSK Survivor one but I think it was taken down =( On the bright side though someone MADE a dance video of it with the music, so you get a crazy animated vid AND music! Check it out, it’s genius:

And here’s a song that kind of captures a ton of the emotions and thoughts that have gone into this novel (notice the environmental stuff like the tar going over the Earth XD) – I’ll put up their Rewrite song because that’s also a good theme for the novel or rather where I want it to go XD

Maybe I’ll post some excerpts eventually. Once I get over 30 pages. Right now everything combined is 20 pages – but I’ve only REALLY written ~ five because I’d written the others already XD;

OK, no more procrastinating Marcela! Time to WRITE!!!

2 responses to “So I’m trying to write a novel in two days…

  1. MARCELA! YOU GOT ME ADDICTED TO DBSK! now whenever i feel a bit down, i watch dangerous love or golden fishery! >=0 but it was really fun hanging out at your home =D

    • Thank you Lena!!!! I was so happy to read your comments!!!!!!!!! XDDD I’ll definitely contact you for talking or exercise!!! XDD And I guess I’ll have to do korean ratings next… after this stupid polazzo project… =)

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