A Lazy Post

Hey all, sorry for not posting yesterday X_X But I do have an excuse – an evil term project – but now it is over and done with!!! XD Although I am STILL writing my novel… or trying to…

Congrats to all the seniors that got awards today! =) No school tomorrow (woohoo!) but there are still three projects to do =P But I might just be a totally unproductive senior tonight.

But I would like to do a drama review soon, probably over the weekend. (Speaking of dramas I tried to start Love Contract again, but I couldn’t do it. Couldn’t get through it.)

OK, tomorrow I’ll connect my camera and post up a ton of pics from the awards ceremony and such, but for now I’ll just put up another video:

YAY MY GIRL!!! One of the best dramas EVER!!!!!!!!!!! (Last 2-3 episodes were … but it is still TOTALLY worth watching)

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