Growing Pains…

I swore to myself since I was 8 that I would never grow up. Maybe that’s why I’m so short now. XD

So I’m basically a kid that has more power than ever. I could use it to reign supreme or I could use it to crash and burn. I’ve already crashed and burned enough these past few months, so I’m going to take charge and take advantage of the new chances I have to live my life.

(WARNING: None of this is meant to be offensive to anyone, marathon runners or otherwise – I might still be a marathon runner! – and some of this may just be me thinking too much, so if you like lighter stuff read my drama reviews or something =P)

OK, so here are the things I’ve got to do on my own:

Time, office, life, everything. For instance, I should be rearranging my papers right now. I’m going to have to get used to a schedule (which I used to hate!) because I believe that if I use it right I get more done that way.

Yes, I used to be on sports teams, but the competition which can morph into cutthroat fights and even esteem-destroying disappointments for simple games just slowly lost their meaning for me. I dreamed of running marathons and admired Olympic athletes, but the fact that they would lose everything for a slip on the gymnastics mat or break their knee or lose their ability to run blew me off and made me look for other things to do that I felt had more meaning. That I wouldn’t lose one day to an all-too-common accident. Yes, I’m a coward. I realize that now. But I also want to spend my time on a cause, and not just on thinking about how I should be working on the environment or whatever while I’m running and nothing else. Then I started getting discouraged with my club and turned to entertainment for a release. And then it became an addiction and I couldn’t get anything done. And every day I miss my exercise.

So I’m going to put a stopper on all this entertainment crap except for when I’m with friends or when I’ve already done everything I’ve wanted to do, such as my daily self-motivated exercise (like BIKING!!! Oh so FUN!!!), and perhaps another sport because I think the bonds that I’ve created with my teammates are invaluable and something worth playing for. And it’s an extra motivation to improve my mind and body and be productive in everything else! I wish I had seen that a few months ago.

Cook/prepare food and get into the habit so I can start cooking from a menu right away when I get to MIT!

Nuff said.

5) JOB
Working on that – hoping to get a job with New York’s National Park Service!

Erm… ha, I always HATED shopping. But now I kind of want to make a statement and wear what looks like me. So I’m shopping. And I wanted to make my own clothes but my mom said that would be too much. I can still do it secretly though. I’m “technically” -ahem- an adult, after all.


Time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones! I love my friends, I really do! But for some reason some inertia or irrational fear or something keeps me from picking up the phone often and saying hi… So that’s going to happen this summer!

Well… maybe not quite, but at least doing even MORE for the environment. Like putting up environmental posts, visiting elected officials, buying local/organic, installing a low-flow showerhead, planning how I’ll be “green” at MIT…

10) Um, something. People usually do these in lists of 10, right?

Maybe I’ve made part of this post way too personal… but thanks for reading, hope you don’t think I’m really weird now ^^;;;

Video of the day (song I’ve never forgotten!):

Yay Jimmy Neutron!

One response to “Growing Pains…

  1. aww marcela, i think you have the determination to do all these! btw, if you ever want a buddy to talk to or exercise with, feel free to call or im me! good luck on your goals!

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