Korean Drama Ratings

Hey all! After some yummy organic vegan chocolate ice cream from this place on 10th street and 2nd avenue called Stogo (if you’re in NYC try it! YUM!!!), I am continuing these drama ratings!

I’m saving the Taiwanese dramas as last but not least! There are some great Korean dramas out there but they mostly seem to follow the cinderella formula… well most asian dramas do but Korean ones seem to make an extra effort to… but Korean ones also have the best pairings too! Anyway here are my ratings, you can also check out http://www.dramabeans.com for even more ratings and actual reviews XD


My Girl – Romance/Comedy/Not-really-tragic? – When I was watching this I was amazed by the chemistry from the two leads, even from episode 1 or 2 or so. It was amazing. So natural. And both of them are soooo hilarious!!!
What I didn’t like:
Drunk scenes – too many, too repetitive, they sometimes fed into the storyline but were kind of annoying… especially since the useless second guy was ALWAYS randomly there… anyway you’ll see what I mean…
The ending episodes – Fudge the time lag thing! Fudge pretending! Fudge fudge fudge!!! Well, I won’t reveal any more than that. Just a note to future Korean filmmakers – the perfect ending to any romance involves ELOPING!!! (Well it would to this one at least =P) I hope this was vague enough to not spoil anything. If you haven’t watched it you’re in for a treat for the first 13-14 episodes. That’s all you need really. And maybe the last few minutes of 16. XP
Some parts of the plot: So frustrating, I ended up hating Goo Chan’s gf and Yoo Rin’s dad for his stupidity, but that was only because of the stupid ending so basically this all goes into the ending.
What I LIKED: Chemistry, Yoo Rin’s chicken scene, the whole discovering love-angst… holy crap this was GOOD…
10/10 for episodes 1-14, 3/10 for episodes 15-16

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – Romance/Comedy/Drama – Great, great series, lots of laughs – “Kim Sam Soon” is definitely a character – but not quite as memorable for me. I guess it’s more realistic and it’s supposedly targetted more to middle-aged women because that’s what KSS is, but she is WAY too obsessed with her weight… I mean that’s all she thinks about even near the end and after she’s lost weight… my opinion btw…
Watch it. There should have been a Kim Sam Soon 2 with a more conclusive ending, but on the whole it’s OK enough and enjoyable. Actually, the more I think about it the more I remember it. The way they fall in love is so nice. So many great moments, even among a few awkward ones (mother running into the restaurant to beat the manager up?), but it’s a great show overall!

Boys Before Flowers – There’s no need to actually watch this. Just go read all of Javabean’s episode recaps and you won’t be deprived. On the contrary. You’ll be reading sophisticated material that has some thought put into it – analysis, criticism, sarcasm, etc. – as opposed to the mess that is the original series. Fine. You can try episodes 1-9 – those are OK – but if you want a good series watch the Japanese Hana Yori Dango instead. Or maybe MG.

… I really don’t have energy to do any more right now…

Ones that are apparently good but that I didn’t have the patience to watch: Flowers for My Life, Full House, Return of Iljimae…

OK! Movie time!

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  1. you should take me to stogo =D nice rant about boys before flower! i just wish they stuck with the manga and made it faster paced. i ❤ my girl and mnikss!

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