A Very Belated UPDATE!

Hey all,

I am resuming my blog! XD

Just an update – I was in Puerto Rico from June 14thish to June 20thish (6 days – but around then), took a spanish final, graduated, got a diploma, found out that I didn’t fail any classes and probably don’t have to worry about being rescinded, and am now home FREE!!!!!

So I’ve been making progress on my goals. Been exercising at least 1/2 hour (mostly an hour) every day since Tuesday, running or biking with mom or friends (well one – Lena! XD) =) And today I used my juicer for the first time, but when I’d already juiced half the veggies I noticed that juice was running on the counter… and I realized that I’d forgotten to put the cup under the spout… X____________X

But I did get a LITTLE juice and made raw goodies for the rest of the day! =D

Besides that I started reading a book called “Reading like a writer” in an effort to improve my writing skills so that I can actually write a GOOD novel as opposed to… um… the opposite of a good novel =P

And I have not been watching Asian dramas for at least two weeks! =O I actually tried to start one (Story of a Man) but I couldn’t get beyond ep 2… Looks like the end of an obsession… but I’ll continue my reviews because I really did have an awesome time watching them. I’m thinking that it might be good to try exploring art/media from different cultures and genres to in order to get a good background to write a novel that isn’t just a cheesy romance. But I hope those Asian dramas will SOMEHOW help.

Btw, who never heard about me writing a novel until now? Sorry XD; Not giving away any more info until it’s mostly done because it’s in a nearly constant state of flux at this point…

OK, enough obscureness, time for a VIDEO!

Watch the REAL video on Youtube – I’ve seen it like 20 times and it only gets better XDD

More pics in the next post! Sorry! ><;;;

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