Back to Daily Updates!

Hey all, sorry if anyone has been checking and looking for a non-existent update for, um, the past 2-3 weeks? X_______________X But I’m back in action and will make sure to post SOMETHING, as long as I have stamina for but perhaps sometimes no longer than a video, up every day. Well, until I go to MIT’s pre-orientation at YELLOWSTONE!!! Bwahahaha…

So now, in want of something better to write I’m going to just make a list of better things to come this week:

– Brief description of my novel idea/plans =)
– Lentil burger pics (yes, I made them today! YUM!!! And some lemony hummus =P But I had like 5-6 pieces of sprouted bread… I’m going to have to eat extra light tomorrow X_X)
– A list of characteristics for an ideal soulmate (inspired by a friend’s list of characteristics of her ideal “husband” XD Just for fun!)
– Book post (fantasy/disutopian focus!)
– Story of what I’ve been DOING for the past few weeks and what I’m doing now (working as a gardener at Governor’s Island! But for minimum wage!!! X X At least it’s full time… or should I be saying WHY is it full time??? =P It’s fun and exercise though XD)

OK, that’s plenty for now. Tomorrow I start exercising AFTER work again. Or even BEFORE. W00t.

Hope everyone’s been doing well, and if you’re in New York and I know you, let’s see if we can get together before school ends! Email me or I’ll find you on fb or somewhere and email you first!

All right, time for a VIDEO!

Flow – the most awesome band EVER!!!!!! This is the first in a three-part series! The next ones will be up tomorrow and asatte (the day after!)


Oh, wherefore shall I go? Oh, the voice that calls me

I’m nowhere in this utterly buried information or suffocating situation
Where will I go to simply irresponsibly flee the rampage of this world?

Left behind and soaked in the incessant rain, my heart
Will crumble, so listen to the voice just before that

I’m fine with a meager bond
Because I’ll embrace you softly
The layered lives now slowly draw breath

“I am by your side”

Where is the impulse I cut loose going to go in the creation of an imaginary world?

Like the birth cry of emotions wavering unbalanced,
Confirm it, and run through this night

I’m fine with a mundane solitude
If we’re just going to hurt each other anyway
The sorrow that seems to overflow from the gaps in my shut-up heart

It won’t fade away

The warmth, rather than the words, of the voice will be handed down far into the future
I hold dear this distance between us when we face each other

I’d like a meager bond
If I can sense only you
My budded feelings now slowly draw breath

“I am by your side”

Oh, wherefore shall I go? Oh, the voice that calls me

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