About the Novel…

Hey all, so much for eating light today X_______________X But that’s my problem, and it will be fixed tomorrow =P No more chocolate “ice cream” with coconut milk for me! (You can get it at the supermarket – the brand is ‘purely decadent’ – because that’s what it is…)

Anyway, time for me to write about something I’ve been thinking about, um, 24/7. Yes, even when I’m working, yes, even when I’m walking wherever, yes, even when I’m shaking my computer off its hinges because it has decided to utterly fail at being a computer for the nth time.

The thing I HAVEN’T been doing to this novel is, um, writing it.

Because, well, I’m still working on the plot. Because I know what the beginning is going to be like (well the basics), I know what it’s going to be like perhaps 1/3 through, but the end? I’m not sure whether it should be sad and really realistic/bad (which could break my heart and it would never get written!) or kind of sappy but somehow end up good. It’s kind of like a “will harry potter die or not?” thing.

And it’s not just the plot. It’s the world. This post is going to be pretty spoiler-free (for when the book comes out in ten years or so), but I can almost – almost – guarantee that the story will take place in an alternate universe. Perhaps not just one. And we might even return to this universe at some point. Who knows?

The basics – this story is inspired by Lord of the Rings-type epic fantasy and Miyazaki films, and I was planning to write a story that would take place in a medieval age. But LOTR has been cliched to death. Trust me – this story is it’s own thing. There are no elves, no hobbits, no dwarves. But there will be a very active animal kingdom. And there will be magic.

Oh my gosh, it’s past midnight (I took a break to make brownies XD) and I haven’t even started to explain what the story’s actually about. I tend to bite off more than I can chew, so I’m chewing this idea for a while – an allegory of humankind’s relationship between the rest of nature over it’s history. A struggle against the idea of fate. And, um, the nature and role of a god. Or people that ACT like gods. A healthy dose of existentialist themes in here. And perhaps, if it all weaves in properly and my characters find a way, a bit of romance! =)

I feel bad for not having anything more substantial up here yet – I still need to map out the world(s), trace histories of gods, wizards, and nations/tribes, create magical animals, create (more than two – I’ve got at least two) characters that are memorable (in their humanity and/or animal-ity) and deep, determine the rules of the universe (how does magic work, etc.) and the typical paths that people take in it, and then create an awesome plot from there.

It sounds like I haven’t even started. Who would know that I’ve begun thinking of this story for at least 3 years?


Well enough! If you’ve gotten this far, you’re welcome to request a chapter – tell me if you want one with romance or action or what – and I’ll post it up here within a week. I have a basic plot-line in my head and I’d love to practice writing – but right now I’m kind of reworking the whole thing to see if I can make it more grounded instead of just simple idealism.

Video time! Part 2 of the 3-part Flow series!

The light that was born at the end of the world
Is found inside the wind now

I cannot live with only beautiful things
I cannot heal with only kindness

What was taken from me?
What did I hear
In an unchanging world?
A song of color

Everything is bright

May the dream that was broken and scattered
Echo at the end of tomorrow
The light that was born at the end of the world
Becomes one with us inside the wind now

I cannot laugh as if it happened to someone else
I cannot wipe my tears away if it was only loneliness

What did I gain for my victory?
What did I hear
At the end of the war?
A cry of sadness

Everything is crying

May the dream that was broken and scattered
Echo at the end of tomorrow
The light that was born at the end of the world
Becomes one with us inside the wind now

Return to your fulfilled heart and don’t make anyone cry
Leave it all behind

Everything is bright

May the sky I saw that day
Be there at the end of my prayers
At the start of a new world, on a morning of creation
We shine pure white and become the wind now

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