Cooking Lentil Burgers and Brownies!

So I’m lazy today and am just going to put up pictures of what I’ve cooked for the past two days with this book called “Joy of Juicing!”

Lentil burgers!

Baked and made with cooked red lentils, lentil sprouts, carrot pulp, curry powder and coriander, pinch of salt, almonds, ground cashews…

And voila!

Burger on salad!

Burger on salad!



I made this twice, once for my mom and I and then again for my mom, two friends from work and myself again. I think they liked them. =P Looks like I’m making more.

And there’s also homemade lemony tahini there, just used freshly squeezed lemon juice, tahini, garlic, chick peas…

And last but not least – date fudge brownies! Made with maple syrup, dates, spelt flour, egg whites (can’t find vegan eggs X_X), and parsnip pulp! XD

Put this in the oven...

Put this in the oven...

Chow Time!

Chow Time!

Next up – perhaps some pizza, I’m going to try making my own nut “cheese” =)

Btw, totally off the subject, but I thought of a beginning to my novel! Except it’s only a beginning, and everything after it is still scrambled up! But I know what’s going to happen at the beginning!!!!! XDD

Now, time for the last part of FLOW’s three-part series!

I highly recommend that you watch them all together one after the other to see how they kind of fit into each other. I’m also adding the english lyrics below each video (this one has them – they’re not perfect but they work) so you should be able to see them if you go back to them.

Now, without further ado… (I’m having problems embedding the video, so I’ll just post the link)

FLOW – Snowflake

2 responses to “Cooking Lentil Burgers and Brownies!

  1. LENTIL BURGERS WERE AWESOME! i loved the curry touch. thanks for letting us try it! i’m looking forward to more healthy food that tastes good!

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