So my next post was supposedly going to be the list of characteristics for an ideal soulmate, but I started reading Ouran High School Host Club scanlations instead. I’m up to chapter 36, to be exact…

So I’m just going to say that EVERYONE has to read OHHC (there is a plot, trust me, it gets much better as it goes on) but now I’m just going to finish my chapter and go to bed. Or maybe get to 40 and go to bed.

But I will include a video! =)

(And before the vid – just a reminder, but please post comments!!! They are greatly appreciated!!! Feel free to give me ideas, ask me for longer posts, start a conversation about something, etc.)

Anyway here we go… another Flow song =) Not part of the series, but great on it’s own… btw I used to have a crush on one of the flow guys, K-5 (Keigo) XD Especially in World End but also in this vid… See if you can figure out which one it is!

FLOW – Colors

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