Weekend Update…

So I am totally failing at this daily blogging thing. But I do have an excuse for yesterday – my Dell’s wireless device failed, and I couldn’t remember the password to log in to wordpress from my mom’s computer. And now it’s 12:30 AM, your regular update time, 12 hours after I woke up today/yesterday (um… 12:30 PM!), but my mom is threatening evil things if I don’t get off of here and go to bed.

I should put something substantial in this post before I insert an awesome MV in here. Just to sum up what I’ve done this weekend…

1) My mom and I went shopping for clothes/college stuff! Btw if you’re in NYC, Century 21 is a great place for discount clothes 😉 Since I can’t find anything that seems like it will look good on me (or maybe I just have no fashion sense), whether it be in Century 21 or Forever 21, we came away with discount socks, discount pjs, a hairband…

2) Then we went through my room and sorted out what’s going to college from what’s not going to college. So I got to put the ugly half of my closet in the charity box and organize the rest. But besides dresses from other painful shopping trips, from the looks of it my wardrobe is utterly lacking in everything besides old t-shirts and jeans.

So my mom said need to go shopping againnn…….. noooooooooooooo…………… X__________X

3) Then it started raining right when I was going to go shopping for food to make some yummy vegan dish. So I decided to do “fun” shoppping – for computers. I was going to get a laptop, but after looking at this MIT forum I’m starting to think the best option might be a desktop for the dorm and a netbook to carry around to classes. I’ve already suffered 13 years with a 50 pound backpack, so I love the idea of a “lighter notebook” XD There’s this blue one that looks really good here =) The problem would be the desktop. And here, my friends, is the question: To Windows or to Mac?

I love that the desktop + netbook would cost less than the laptop I was considering, even with a Mac desktop XD But while the Mac includes an iTouch (for my mom! XD) the Windows (Dell Optiplex) is about $500 cheaper… I’m wondering if the Mac is just that much more amazing, if the Windows is an obviously better deal, or if I shouldn’t even be asking the question because the netbook would not cooperate with the Mac.

Well, I’ll post whatever answers I get to these questions up once I get them =) Or if you happen to be a computer whiz you can give me advice! Or share your Windows vs. Mac stories! Thanks XD

4) Now it’s 12:56 and before I get cut into pieces by a zombie who looks suspiciously like my mother running out of her bedroom I will post a video!

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