Summer Job

Phew, all of this MIT stuff is really getting me over my head. And I’m finally getting really excited!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

So now what should I write about?

Well, after yesterday’s evil brainstorm of a post, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be taking 18.02, 8.01/8.012, 5.111, 12.000, and some HASS. Probably writing. At this point I’m thinking that I won’t do Concourse, but I’ll still go to the open house. Just for fun.

So let me write a bit about what I’ve been up to this summer.

I’m doing this job in “Resource Management” (which = pulling weeds) at Governor’s Island with the National Park Service. My job is actually part of a program called the National Hispanic Environmental Institute. It’s not just for hispanics. 19 of us got to go to an almost free ($15 registration) week of training that involved visiting Gateway, Ellis Island, Jamaica Bay, Fire Island, and Sandy Hook. All in 6 days. We camped out for two days too.

Then the next week we started on our jobs at our different sites. I chose Governor’s Island because I thought that it would be a combo of outdoor work and interpretation. Turns out that it is just outdoor work. I love the exercise and the fact that it’s not boring office work, but it’s not like we’re getting much training or growth experience here. I mean, I’m not learning what it’s like to be a lawyer anything. I guess you could say that by pulling weeds all day long I’m learning how to… get better at pulling weeds all day long.

That’s OK though, I’m making some money =) I wish I could make more through the semester and not just see all of my earnings slowly dissolve over the course of the term… The question is, will there be time?

It would be so cool to be an admissions blogger, but my writing hasn’t reached that level yet. The MIT blogs are so fun! I have no idea why I didn’t spend more time on them when applying to MIT. I’m a fan of Chris/Oasis, Snively, and Yan (food blogs!):

Take, for example, this post about snow and physics! Read it to the end, you’ll see… 8)

So I have TONS of pics to upload from these past few weeks, just wait until I find my iphone charger and find a way to get them all on the internet at once!

(And quick update – the new Ouran HS chapter just came out on!!!!!! Thanks Lena!!!!!!!!!!!!)


And I wonder if anyone noticed the song in the first paragraph… XDDD

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