Friday! And Book Lists!

OK, from here on I’m going to post a) more random things about the events in my life b) my story c) BOOK REVIEWS and d) more environmental stuff.

Now it’s time to find books to read and review!

I’m looking for books with either good epic fantasy plot-lines (not just LOTR knock-offs) OR books with exceedingly good prose but from any genre. And also thought-provoking books that cover events from history and existential themes, disutopian books, all that is sound and good!

So here’s what’s on my reading list for the next three weeks:

The Neverending Story
Things Fall Apart
Catcher in the Rye
Heart of Darkness
Great Expectations

That’s enough for now, here are books that I want to review so I have a chance to reread them:
Dune (at least book 1 – haven’t gotten to the others yet)
The Good Earth
Ender’s Game
The Painted Bird
The House of the Scorpion
The Abhorsen Trilogy
His Dark Materials Trilogy
The Odyssey
Lost Years of Merlin
Maximum Ride
All Quiet on the Western Front

Yes, I know some of these were from pre-teen years (some), but I’m doing them anyway XD They are relevant to this story!

I feel like going on a slight tangent and going over movies too. If I could make a MOVIE I would need to rewatch these movies for some insights first:

Any Miyazaki movie (Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa) – seriously, this could be enough in itself…
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Whale Rider
Once Upon a Time in the West
Forrest Gump
Spiderman (first movie, mostly because I liked it best =P)
Batman (especially the soundtrack of Batman Begins!!! O____O The recent one isn’t bad either…)
Pirates of the Caribbean (especially 1)
Full Metal Alchemist series, for an awesome plot and main characters
Naruto (haven’t gone past ep 20 yet), for awesome characters
Lord of the Rings (GOT to rewatch that!)
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

There, those are my recommendations for awesome books and movies for the summer and that’s what you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks.

Well, to tell the truth if you see even 5% of what’s on those lists you’ll be very lucky. I think it will take MUCH longer than one summer to review them all. Five summers, maybe?

I’m serious, but who knows? Let’s see what happens!

Video: Whale Rider Trailer! If you haven’t already seen it, WATCH WHALE RIDER!!! So well made, so awesome in every way…

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