Thinking about Majors!

Well, first off. For all who know DBSK (a korean band – one of my first posts ever was their song Survivor) and records of their disbanding, here’s what seems to be the real story.

Anyway. Before I do my first book review I’m going to talk about more college stuff. Like majors.

When I was first applying to colleges I had one set area of study in mind. I told everyone that I would be doing one of two majors (or both!). But then, just today, I decided to take a thorough look at all of the majors MIT has to offer.

It’s amazing, really. I spent all this time thinking I was mostly a liberal artsy type person and wondering “why would anyone want to be an engineer? What comes to someone’s mind when they think of engineering?”

Now I can understand why so many people at MIT (don’t ask for the numbers, please) choose course 2 (mechanical engineering), course 3 (materials and science engineering), course 6 (electrical engineering and computer science), course 10 (chemical engineering)………

There is SOOOO much going on in these fields! In Mechanical Engineering, if you major in 2-A you can choose a concentration in Energy Systems or Sustainable Development! In Materials and Science Engineering, you could design eco-friendly materials that can be reused in a closed cycle (as in avoiding the landfill) and find ways to properly dispose of the enormous amount of trash that we have now, thus fighting pollution and land degradation caused by the waste we create! In course 6 you learn how to design electronics and computer technology, and that’s one of the fastest growing fields… you could make computer games with awesome graphics where kids get to save the world and learn “eco” lessons in the process… And in course 10 (chemical engineering) there’s nanotechnology AND polymers AND “energy and the environment”…

Then I got to course 12. Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. The study of how our WORLD works. “Areas of interest include the dynamics of systems as diverse as the global climate and weather systems; global plate tectonics and mountain building; the orbital dynamics of planets and their satellites; and the processes of mass extinctions on earth.”

I sighed in relief when I read that. Of course. This is what I want to learn. What could be more interesting than learning how the world we live in works?

So I was originally planning to do course 1E (environmental engineering) or course 12. But now things are complicated. And I haven’t even started college.

Wait, I haven’t finished going over the interesting majors (for a crazy environmentalist like me)…

There are also course 11 (Urban Studies and Planning – practically = public policy), course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences – animal behavior = yay!) and course 24 (Linguistics and Philosophy – where does the mind come from? Almost like course 9 in that sense…). And then there are course 5 (Chemistry – similar to ChemE) and course 7 (Biology – or, in my case, ecological stuff…)

ZOMG how the heck can anyone take just one or two of these?????????

Whatever. I’ll have to see what works and what doesn’t. For now, if I break from my planned 1E + 12 combo, it’ll probably be to take 12 + SOME engineering major with a minor in 11 or 24…

In a perfect world where nothing is impossible =)

OK, I will soon have the pics up from my job and such, and I will also post about the NJ-NY MIT Send-off that I went to today! =) I totally should have written about that today, but once a random thought gets stuck in my head it won’t let go… so I had to get this out of the way… Forgive me X__________X

More interesting news to come!!!!!!!

Video (watch in HQ!):

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