Fanfiction Revived

Video of the day (watch in HQ!):

Since I’m super lazy right now I’m going to post a Fruits Basket fanfic I wrote from long long ago (three years ago) in the middle of my fanfic obsession. I really need to finish that story, and I remember it was going to get MUCH more interesting, but I thought I’d just post a teaser and perhaps continue if anyone so requests! =) I really need to remember where it was going to go – it was going to go SOMEWHERE very interesting, but that’s only possible with motivation =PP Anyway enjoy!

I’m just including the FF link here if you want to read it – no point in posting it here because it’s too long =P.

[Edit: OMFG as I put them up I suddenly remembered what the rest of the story was going to be!!!!!! Phew…]

Oh and btw the vid above and the story have themes that will eventually go into this novel I’m writing… =) See if you can spot any (especially if I actually FINISH this fanfic!)

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