Another Day

(Hey all – I have two videos for the price of one! There’s an interesting contrast, considering they’re from the same band… anyway I’ll put the “cheerier” one at the end so this post ends on a lighter note XD)

Work was exceptionally uneventful today. Well, I mean, it was eventful in that we got to make a Power Point about our experiences working with the National Parks Service for future youth summer employees in the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) like us, but besides that we did basically nothing. I never thought it would be possible.

But hey, we deserved it, we’ve been working our a—s off =)

Too bad it wasn’t as much exercise as usual! (Rebecca refuses to agree that it IS exercise… I guess that means I’ll really have to shape up at MIT… gotta make up for the time lost while trying to save money and not pay for health club or TKD expenses… X____________X)

Oh and sorry that there is a lack of pictures (currently) – I TRIED uploading a ton from my iPhone with the wordpress app and then they stayed in a permanent “loading” state with the little circle thing going around until five days later when it mysteriously disappeared leaving my blog just as devoid of new pictures as it had been in the first place. If there are any techies among you I would appreciate advice, but stay posted in case I get a breakthrough any case…

Now for how I’m (somehow, suddenly, some way) preparing for MIT.

– Went to Century 21 (it’s a… whatever you call a discount clothing/shoe/everything store) and got one more set of sheets (total = 2), an allergy mattress cover, and an allergy pillow cover. Could get more, but I’m waiting to see what I need. Maybe another pillow would be nice. =) Maybe even a comforter or blanket. Hmm…
(Btw thanks Opey and Marelina for shopping with me! And thanks to Opey for hiding the stuff we were GOING to buy behind random things in the store… just learned a new shopping skill perhaps? XDD No one will be able to buy the last of what I want now! Bwahahaha…

– Found out how to become a Green Ambassador from the MIT homepage (it’s probably going to change since it changes almost daily, but the title of the featured article was “Resolve to Revolve”

– Watched the first two 18.02 lectures by Auroux on Youtube on OpenCourseWare and took notes =) =) =)
I’m actually thinking of 18.022 (partly because Auroux, an amazing math teacher, isn’t teaching 18.02 this year! Waaah…) but I can’t find any of their lectures… it’s good to know the basics though, and it’s cool how he covered dot and cross products in the first two lessons, practically almost the first two seconds =)

– Read some of Paul B. ’11’s posts from the MIT Admissions site. At least one of them was about taking 8.012 (first year advanced physics), and after reading it thoroughly I am just as uncertain as to whether to take it or not. Would 8.012 + 8.022 + terrascope (and 5.111 and HASS) be too much? Perhaps we shall see…

Hmm, MIT bloggers are good… really good…

I shall keep blogging (almost) every day and see what happens! (Applying to be an MIT blogger despite the insane admit rate of 4 freshmen out of who knows how many applicants)

Best of luck to everyone!

Now for the second NEWS video (chosen partly because there’s only a WEEK left until Boston!!!!!!!!! X_X) (Watch in HQ!)

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