Time Management and the Mac

I should create an entire blog dedicated to time management. Maybe then I’ll start developing it for real. (Like, can you seriously call blogging until a quarter to one without schoolwork and with other tasks still to do proper time management?)

So it’s 12:03 and I’ve still got the following to do before setting off to MIT and my pre-orientation trip (Yellowstone!):

– Send out certificates to people who didn’t pick them up for my club (part of the delay is a computer

ZOMG I have to interrupt –

Just as I typed this I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY recovered the file I had accidentally deleted that has all the certificates!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOGMDSIHFEAUWOIghudshgioufhguoaywre[9t8gadislkfxhnv

OMG I have not been more happy all summer.

STRIVE-rs, if any of you are reading this… expect good certificates soon (you may still need to get them signed by our advisor Mr. Citron though X_X)

ZOMG I am speechless.

Miracles do happen while blogging.


Ah I almost forgot the topic – time management – whew, OK…

Basically, things will probably change as school starts in terms of this blog. For one, I’ll be gone for a week to Yellowstone for an MIT pre-orientation trip (August 22-29), but to make up for any lost blogging time I’ll put up tons of pictures at the end.

For another, when school DOES start there are going to be a LOT of activities and a LOT of work. I think I’ve garnered that much. So I’ve spent like an hour a day on this blog thing, but I’ll probably have to cut down on that time if I want to stay sane. (And I might start repeating videos if I post too often. Horror of horrors!)

So, depending on how things go I’ll make it a goal to update bi-weekly or once a week. Perhaps if I’m really good I’ll schedule a certain time. I’m not talking about the MIT blogs here – the process seems very competitive so I’ll have no idea if I’ll be able to “officially” blog for all the prospective MIT freshmen among you – either way I’ll make sure to keep this updated. Perhaps that will make up for my impending loss of a social life.

No, I will TRY to have a social life. But for me, at least, this helps. It’s a great way to tell everyone everything without having to email everyone and worry about formalities and such.

Btw for all my friends who have been following me, THANK YOU!!! XDD

Grr, I’m starting to ramble (well, I always ramble) so I’m going to condense this post into bullets:

– Blogging takes time
– School takes time
– Life takes time
– Therefore, blogging will have to make room for school
– Life – ?

And now for the Mac:

– Macs are GREAT for time management
Well, that’s the conclusion of my ‘Story of Owning a Mac For Two Days’.
– iCal allows you to schedule classes, appointments, events, whatever with a click, click, click, type and click. It takes like five seconds. Back in the days when I used Windows XP I used Thunderbird and could never figure out the calendar. My much-feared memories of Outlook consist of looking over my mom’s shoulder and waiting five minutes for the thing to load.
– You can easily look at multiple windows at once. You can check your email, make an appointment, and go on the internet in a total of like 6 seconds.
– It is SO easy to upload photos from an iPhone and put them on facebook/anywhere! XD
– They are FAST (this has 4GB ram)

Bottom line: Yay Macs!

OK, now for a video (“requested” by a Jay Chou fan XD)

Non-english sub version:

English sub version:

3 responses to “Time Management and the Mac

  1. Hahaha! The legitimate reasons to use Mac are precisely the reasons I use Linux.

    Though I have to disagree with that point about iCal — sure it’s a good app, there are lots of good apps. But is that a reason to switch operating systems? I prefer Google calendar. It’s fast and easy to use, but it’s also online so I can get it from anywhere with just a web browser. And that runs on any operating system.

    As for the iPhone thing, that’s some circular reasoning. Anyone can create two closed platforms that work best with one another, and then claim that both of them are so great because they work well with the other. Microsoft did that with Windows Mobile, too. But just because some people have Win.Mo. phones doesn’t make Windows a good operating system.

    • Hey Blake!

      You made some interesting and valid comments, and I’ll try to address them here and a bit in my next post. My blog is mostly my “rambling thoughts,” and I had first used the mac right when I was writing it, so my glee at using the mac was not based on a methodical comparison of the mac os with other operating systems as much as my first impressions of its utility ranted out.

      I don’t know if anything I said about the mac is a reason to switch on its own – if I were to write a post advocating macs, I would stress their speed (well, the speed of my particular model, the 13-inch pro with 4GB), the lower likelihood of getting viruses/malware from a mac (unless you dual-boot it with windows), and the graphics quality. Oh, and you can dual-boot it with windows or dual/triple-boot it with linux, so you can get the advantages of all of the systems in one. For me the fact that it is compatible with all i-Things is helpful since I use my iPhone for multiple purposes (digital camera and iPod) and the system complements it very well. And even if I used another digital camera, it organizes the pictures so well – by date, face, whatever. And upload them all at once on facebook/wherever in two seconds. I could never figure out how to do it so easily on windows. Maybe there is a way, but that would require me to learn how. Had my windows for five years and haven’t figured it out yet.

      Also, the Mac is just organized really well. Perhaps iCal is almost the same as Google cal, but it’s much more easy to get to because of the Mac’s dock. I think Microsoft realized this and is trying to compete by making a “dock” thing of their own in Windows 7. That, the flexibility of use (ability to dual-boot), and the pure speed of the mac are the main reasons I prefer this operating system over my old windows xp.

      I haven’t tried linux yet, but I might just take the dare and try to dual-boot it this week. =) Don’t know much about it yet, I’ll get back to you on that.

      • I totally agree with you on the flaws in Windows, but I don’t think Mac is the solution. Once you try Linux (and I mean really use it for a while, try to do all the usual operations, try some more obscure things, see how it works), then maybe you will understand what I’m talking about.

        Low likelihood of getting viruses is little more than a byproduct of small market-share; viruses exist for Mac and Linux, and as more people use them these numbers will increase.

        The fact that I can multi-boot as many OSes as I have space for doesn’t necessarily make any of them good.

        Mac dock shortcut to iCal == Mozilla Prism shortcut to GCal.

        And if you’re into Mac UI and eye-candy like the dock, you can get that on Linux too. But this is only possible because of Linux’s openness.

        I would not recommend dual-booting Linux if this is your first time. You will (likely) have to make a new partition on your hard drive, not to mention that it takes a while to install. It’s probably easier to use a LiveCD. You can boot it off a CD or flash drive, and test the OS without actually installing it anywhere, though it might run a little slower (try that with Windows or Mac!). As for distributions, I don’t know if you already picked one. If not, I highly recommend Ubuntu, one of the most popular and user/noob-friendly.

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