Going to Cambridge!

As I sit here typing away on my iPhone my parents and I are zooming on a train to Boston. I’m finally feeling some sense of anticipation for what’s to come – the last two days were so filled with saying goodbyes to friends and family and getting certificates ready to mail out and doing crazy papers for work that I didn’t have time t finish packing until 3 am this morning. We were going to go by car at 7 but switched at the last minute to a ten o clock train. Even though I was the only one who packed, none of us got much sleep. My mom woke up when I was finished packing! And two suitcases are staying home for now because we couldn’t bring them into the train…
Bottom line: Pack early. Don’t schedule anything for the day (preferably two) before you leave. You never know if you might remember that you packed all your yellowstone stuff but not the toiletries and shoes and SCHOOL SUPPLIES and papers and random things you’ll realize you kind of want/need to have in a week because they were always in the other room of your house.
But I’m also buying tons of stuff when I get there, so it’s not SO bad =)
Tomorrow we’re off to yellowstone, so I may not update until the 29th! See everyone at MIT or online then XD

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