P-sets!!! (aka tooling)

I’m trying to finish all the ones I have in one day (technically two by now), but I don’t know if that’s going to work. Perhaps this is the kind of thing that makes people go crazy here =P

Or rather, more often, finishing all the p-sets they have on the one day BEFORE they’re due…

Well, anyway, I’ve said goodbye to my dramas and music videos for good and am now planning to give MIT even more than I gave high school. (Is it possible?)

I think this all comes from what I call “Project: Terrify Freshmen” that everyone (especially the upperclassmen) seems to be involved in. I’ve made a resolution to read all of my readings before class and study a bit every day. No crazy cramming for me.

We’ll see how that resolution goes…

But to show that I still have a life beyond school, I’m restarting blogging (yay!), doing a martial art (probably sport tae kwon do), joining Sustainability @ MIT and Vegans and Vegetarians @ MIT and Food @ MIT and possibly every environmental organization that has been or will ever be created @ MIT, trying out for Dance Troop (is there an e at the end? O_O), trying out Concert Chorus, taking a Beginner’s Life Drawing class, working out if I still need to (just ran five miles on the treadmill yesterday – I mean the day before that!), joining a SORORITY (*gasp*… but greek life here really IS different than in other schools! Yay AKO!), reading, and working on my novel, getting anything from a page to a chapter out once a week!

Oh, and maybe starting a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities P… Program? Project? Gotta know this stuff!) too? In environmental economics?

And saving the world with Terrascope =)

We’ll see how much of this gets done, school comes first XD

After a term or two I’ll try to compare the difficulty of MIT to the difficulty of my high school! =P If you’re not from NYC you may not know Stuyvesant but… for any Stuyvesant-ers reading this perhaps it would be interesting/helpful to know just how HARD MIT is…

Although I really think even this early that it’s as hard as you make it. There are people that overload themselves with classes and activities or that don’t schedule ahead and manage their time. Or – even worse – they sign up for a ton of things and don’t ENJOY what they’re doing. That’s when it gets tough.

At MIT we have GIRs (General Institute Requirements) that include math and the sciences. Some people love physics, some people HATE physics. So freshman year might be kind of a pain, but after you get the requirements out of the way you can choose your major and start taking courses you REALLY want! Can’t wait to take more writing/environmental/random courses =)

OK, that’s all for now, but I still have SOME memory of my procrastination-ridden days so I will relive them by posting a video!

(This brings back memories!!!!!)

One response to “ARGGGHHHHHH

  1. More than you gave in high school? Sounds impossible, but I’m sure you’ll be able to pull it off 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that you’re making headway in your plan to join every environmental organization in MIT.

    And yes, please do do a MIT/Stuy comparison. Though I will never have the pleasure of attending MIT, I am curious about this.

    Keep blogging 🙂

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