Well, here’s one thing I can say about how things have been at MIT here for me this past week…

I’ve basically been staying up until 2-3 in the morning to do HW that’s not even due the next day! =O

So now there’s only half of a chem p-set (the half which we’ll “learn how to do in class this week”…) and a page or so of a writing assignment, and then my OWN page of my OWN story and I’ll be set for next week! =)

Well there’s also physics… but I’ll do that tomorrow =P (due Tuesday)

And who knows what else might pop up in any of these classes? Perhaps another writing assignment, which will be due Thursday – that can be done tomorrow too!

Let’s see how long this keeps up with Dance Troupe (unlikely since I totally failed at the auditions… =P), Sport Tae Kwon Do, Sustainability @ MIT (they need to start DOING stuff!!!), Alpha Chi Omega meetings (X___X), the UA Sustainability Committee… oh, crap, you know what, I’m just going to abort this list here…

Well, I’m just blogging to build up momentum for my WRITING assignments =) Time to transfer that momentum to Word! (Or should I say NeoOffice… a free “non-Word” thing on the Mac XD;)

Anyway time for a video, and good night!

[P.S. ❤ Ajikan!!! (asian kung fu generation XD)]

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