Marcela’s Task List for Sunday, 9-20-09

– Do Mastering Physics assignment before 11:30 PM TONIGHT
– Go to sorority dinner @ 5
– Go to sorority chapter @ 6
– Do some random activity (was there dodgeball involved?) at the sorority from maybe 8 until who knows when (may try to run away before this starts… sorry AXO XP)
– Summarize two articles (at least) about carbon sequestration for Terrascope
– Get started on 5.111 p-set
– Get started on 8.01 paper p-set
– Remember to wake up by 11 to hand in the evil evil evil 18.022 p-set that took away 8.5 hours of my life yesterday…

All right, on the count of three, I’m posting this vid and starting my task list! Three… two… one…

And a lighter (?) one?

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