At 1:56 in the morning…

Marcela would rather blog than work on a response paper.

It’s been too long since the last update! And there’s not much time for much more except to say…


Now that I’ve got that out of the way, maybeeee I’ll be able to muster up the alertness needed to finish this. It’s not even an important paper. Jeez.

And my method of procrastination up till now?

… Other homework. Like a 5.111 pset that’s due on Friday.

ZOMG so much to do…

But I do have NEWS! There will be blogging by new bloggers on the MIT admissions site! Like most likely and probably this week!

Soooo excited… but kind of scared because that means… perhaps an hour less of sleep? A night?

OK, my three minutes of non-work-related procrastination is up. Time to work and get done at a sanely hour. A relatively sane hour.

But with another minute I can put up a video to make up for the lack of coherence and substance in this post…

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