Personal Taste – Quick Thought

I just have to get this out there.
Who in their right mind would let their best friend that cheated on them with their boyfriend and went so far as to plan to get married come and talk to them – talk DOWN to them even, or like they’re friends or the other one wronged the other one – and the boyfriend to try hitting on them again? Like, SERIOUSLY? WTF????? This is SOOOOOOO stupid!!!! Let people like that scheme where you can’t see them… but WHY THE F ARE YOU LETTING THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE???? CAN’T YOU THROW SOMETHING AT THEM AND SHOO THEM AWAY OR KICK THEM WHERE THEY DESERVE????

Perhaps I’m getting mad because I feel like my character is kind of similar to Kae In’s, and I’m really mad at what these two people are doing…

Anyway that’s after episode 9 of Personal Taste! Back to work!

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