First Blog Post from DC!

Hey all, I’m starting a DC Blog! Well, I’m starting it on my old blog because I’m lazy.

So now I’m blogging from DC, and I will do my best to update as often as possible!

News may be ranty, long, unedited depending on when I’m posting it, indecipherable, ranty… but hey, who’s judging? Judges can go finish their own work at court.


This may or may not all be about DC, because once I start doing something, get past some threshold and somehow muster up the activation energy to get something going, I go crazy and go all over the place – so if you see comments on k-dramas that were made in 2005, music recommendations/”analyses”, dream lists, thoughts about writing/books, updates on how many miles I’ve run if any, you’ll know what happened.

One of my goals this summer is to learn how to build websites with actual code though, so I might try doing fancy stuff here, but don’t hold your breath for seeing that early next month. I am however looking at a triathlon training program that I am strongly considering joining =DDD But it means swimming at 5:30 AM DDDD= Well if I can go from waking up at 12 to waking up at 6, another 1.5 hours earlier shouldn’t hurt… riiiight?

I’m going to post music videos that are near and dear to my heart and want the WORLD to know about, so you’d BETTER watch them… *said like Lee Min Ho’s ‘confession’ of love in Boys Before Flowers, with a dramatic stomp that you’d see in real life from five year olds – apologies if you’re sane and never watched that drama and/or don’t even know who Lee Min Ho is*

(Just kidding, I don’t really care since though I think they’re awesome when I post then I’m 1/7.5 trillionth of the human race at this point in time so my taste might not be yours =P)

Hey, this post is tame by my latest standards, if you have insanophobia RUN AWAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATEEEEEEEEEEE


(In Vonnegut style that guy in the video is me going forward now and the girl from the car is YOU)

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