Whoa an update!!!

And less than 24 hours after my first post! (just barely, was going to be earlier than this too*)

Video of the day:

Guess what guess what guess what

Today I got up at 9, went out and tried to run this “7 mile” route near the National Zoo and back, and missed the part where it said “turn back at the automobile tunnel” because I thought it would loop around. Then I check where I am after I’m going nowhere and it’s like 90 degrees outside and not even eleven and my phone says I’m 5.5 miles from where I started. Oops.

So THEN I decide to try and run through this woody shaded path and after a while find a bunch of people playing with their dogs in the river! =D And I ask if I’ll get to Washington DC this way. And one guy’s like “Sorry, you gotta go back to the fork and get back on Rock Creek Parkway that way.”

So I double back (before I was trying to keep up with someone, now I’m flat out jogging), turn after 15 or 20 minutes back up, and jog like if I’m going to go any faster in the sun I’m going to get heat stroke or something (and why didn’t I bring WATER? or a swimsuit?), and FINALLY get back a bit more than 2 hours after I started.

(I did stop to take a picture though – should have taken some earlier of the even more forest-y part)

I don’t know how far that was, but man it was HOT. And it’s only May 30th. I am spending as many hot day hours as possible in a cool office. Or maybe a shady (?) bus garage or four. Who knows?

Hey so AFTER I arrived back at my dorm at 12:37-ish and showered and whatnot, I decided to go explore Georgetown (the neighborhood in DC, not the college) a bit.

*This is why this post didn’t go out around 1 PM – Also had to go there to make an appointment with the Apple Store to replace my trackpad, as I had had problems clicking on things for the entire past week (as in I would double click on a text box like the one I edit posts in for five minutes straight and then FINALLY it would CLICK on it, so then I decided to make it so taps were clicks, was able to do facebook and a blog post and even a Monkey Island game with difficulty with that, and then the computer decided that I was tapping the trackpad ALL THE TIME even when I wasn’t. So I was typing the running part of this post and had my mouse in the middle of the text box and all of a sudden I would be typing somewhere in the middle of the second paragraph. Then I turned off the tap-click option. And then. Couldn’t. Click. Anything. I couldn’t even turn the tap click thing back on.).

NOW I HAVE A WORKING TRACKPAD!!!!! WORKING TRACKPADS ARE AWESOME!!!!!! They do what you want them to do!!!!!

I’m going to put the rest of the day in bullets so it looks less like a runon sentence =D

Made that Apple Appointment
Tried to catch a bus to this gelato place that had like 4.7 stars on Yelp
Checked Google Maps and the metro website for when it would arrive
Stood there at the arrival time with no shade in the 90 degree weather
Bus did not arrive at arrival time
Cell phone said next bus was in half an hour
Went to Barnes and Noble
Ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie made vegan (I know, it was that or ice cream, it’s FREAKING HOT and there’s no blender where I am… gotta find one and save $$ eventually)
Saw that the woman sitting next to me had a magazine called Poets and Writers about writing contests and I was like, “Are you a writer?”
Had an inspired conversation about writing scenes and short stories and studies and creating characters and story ideas
Read where to buy things like pots and cheap clothes in DC
Read a book about Software Development which told me in the intro about how to make your brain actually learn things and in the first two chapters that you have to to iterate parts of the project you’re working on with the customer every twenty days or as soon as is sensible and write your requirements as “user stories” and to estimate the time each part would take to do using something called “planning poker” and so far nothing yet about design or coding

From there I went and got the computer thing done, got some falafel with my roommate and her friend who’s interning at the EPA in economics (=D), had an involved conversation about how to tell people you transferred to Stanford (like he’s doing) without sounding pretentious and favorite books and philosophers, and finally came back home! And probably got like 13-14 hours of mileage total. Too bad I’m shit for real speed.

(Almost went right back to the Apple Store when the internet wasn’t working, aaaaaand then it worked after 15 minutes!)

More about internship-y stuff, and maybe other neighborhoods like Friendship Heights, later this week! =)

Look at what lives in Washington DC’s parks!

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