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Video of the… evening (WATCH IT, I don’t love everything Muse has done but they have some EPIC songs – just look at that music video… do ITTT…)

and SUPER EPIC lives… esp. at 3:22…):

Hey, so for my third post in a day on my third day after starting a blog again I’m going to try to forecast the trajectory of this blog, and I’d love to hear input from anyone (I know there aren’t many people visiting now, but but I THINK you’re here) about what you like, don’t like or care for, and what you’d like to see here.

This could be a personal blog, where I simply rant out my feelings and list miles I’ve done and whatnot, but I don’t want it to be that (or just that). There are websites like Livejournal or Fanfiction.net for writers and readers, Youtube for video watchers and makers, OCW with classes, Dramabeans (a blog!) for Korean drama viewers and people that like to read about them, news/opinion blogs, food blogs, travel blogs…

I know I hang out on a lot of these sites to the point that they almost feel like home. And I guess that’s what I’d ideally like my site to be – a place where people can hang out, learn/enjoy new things, contribute through comments or more. A FUN place!

So if there are things you’d like to see or suggestions you have about content or writing, COMMENT AWAY!!! =D (Do it now! Neurotic talking-to-self section warning ahead!)

So here’s the process that this kind of idea usually goes through when it comes to ME:

“Hey, if those are so fun why not make a writing/video/fun-class/asian-drama/opinion/food/travel blog?”
“That sounds like the BEST blog (or is that a website?) EVER! Let’s do it!”
“Wait, we have to make sure we have games in there. Good sites are interactive. And miniclip and shockwave and whatever make me feel overwhelmed. And they have no adventure games. Let’s get some action/adventure games in there, and make them environmentally themed too…”
“OH MY GOSH how did I not mention environment up there? OK let’s add a /environment, but let’s not go crazy on the games. One project at a time.”
“Yeah, yeah… oh and good websites also have awesome graphics, so I have to design them. And find photoshop or paintshop pro or whatever somewhere.”
“And good websites are also made with PHP or maybe Ruby – maybe that’s only needed for official crazy sites – and MySQL, and CSS, and some HTML, and Javascript, and maybe more code for the games, and…”
“How many of those do I know?”
“OK whatever let’s start learning CSS. And PHP. And reading that 600 page book on software development.”
“…Shouldn’t we start with the content first? Why don’t we try Dreamweaver if MIT gives it out for free?”
“We’ll do that too. Let’s do it!”

** two weeks later **

“I just replaced my optical drive a week ago… and this Dreamweaver CD is not. Working.”
“How many times have you tried it?”
“Does another CD work?”
“Are you serious?”
*inserts Howl’s Moving Castle*
*Disney screen comes up*
“Of course.”

** a month later **

“Oh my gosh Marcela, I’m still can’t install PHP. Or Ruby. Why is everything freaking .exe? And why do Macs make you do weird cd terminal things?”
“Dude, you go to MIT and you can’t figure this out.”
“And my ecology test is tomorrow. F*** this. I’ll get to it in my next life.”

aaaaaaand that’s what happens when Marcela has an idea.

(For now, at least, this is a personal/DC blog – it’ll stay a personal blog unless and until I find the motivation and means to expand it!)

ANYWAY tell me what you think, about anything I’ve written, about life, even about the music I post! (Love input on music! Let’s add /musical analysis/discussion… wait I shouldn’t do that…)

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