World Building, Intro

The long-anticipated post about world-building is here!

This part was going to be short and simple, just some thoughts about what it can entail, what I think is almost essential for it to entail, and some general examples. (Short is… a relative term. Shorter than it could be?) I’ll refer to the book I discussed in one of my earlier posts, “A Short History of Myth.”

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This is mostly an announcement relating to this website itself.

I may no longer post daily religiously, as I’m trying to see if I can get more high quality posts out if I spend some more time on them. And avoid angsty ones that I might post in the spur of the moment. A writer who’s a writer writes every day – and I might do more journaling, but I’m really looking forward to freeing up time for story writing. And website design. (Trying to use HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/Drupal and GIMP… but also doing things with this¬† current blog, like having the homepage just have excerpts of each entry. Any thoughts on that change?) Right now I’m thinking every other day at least.

Now I can write a list of future topics that I am confident of!

  • World-building
  • Review of “Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”
  • Review of “Joy Luck Club” (just finished reading it today)
  • BRAINSSS (interesting things from magazines about Brains, like Discover’s recent one!)
  • … and probably more reviews!
  • Thoughts on current news (… once I catch up)
  • Any crazy events in DC

And these are ones that I mayyyy do based on my thoughts and possibly demand:

  • Artwork/design experiments (if those happen… but what is this, deviantart?)
  • Short stories!!! (… so now it’s livejournal)
  • Music reviews
  • MIT advice (without being overly IHTFP?)
  • Advice on getting certain things done (being healthy, installing Drupal on a Mac, making it work, …)
  • Journal posts (probably centered on exercise, work, and that sort of thing – in its own section)
  • Photo/journa-logs from previous trips to Yellowstone, Death Valley, Abu Dhabi, Yosemite (and Costa Rica if I’d BROUGHT A CAMERA)

Woot! Time for sleep!

But can’t forget a video…

This is #1 on the Oricon charts in Japan! More in the pop genre than I usually watch – but definitely love the beginning riff, even if it repeats. =P

(Music video possible spoiler: it might help if you know the guys are also robots, as you can see around the 3:53 mark… that’s my interpretation…)

On Myths and the Role of Novelists

Are you interested in creative writing?

Perhaps even fantasy writing?

Or are you simply interested in discussion on religion’s role in society, and its evolution?

Well, when I decided to read and review Karen Armstrong’s “A Short History of Myth” I thought I’d be catering to the writing/dreaming crowd. I hadn’t suspected that the conclusions from this small little book would be relevant and applicable to… well… EVERYONE.

So I’ll start with that latter part – the themes and message of the book, along with my thoughts afterwards. Since that part is long, I’ll dedicate a separate post to how one could use this knowledge in one’s own writing (and world-building!).

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Day 31 in DC

Whoa it’s been a month???

Anyway this’ll be a short post, as I got out of work at 6:30 and have had an average of 5 hours of sleep per night and realized that sleep, yes, is a crucial thing. Lack of sleep => more disjointed/rambly blog posts => steps that lead to burnout in all things => the end of the WORLD (there is a slight possibility that that last one is an exaggeration)

So why was I at work from 8 AM to 6:30 PM?


With this thing!

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Day Trip to NYC – On The Bus

What could be interesting about spending 9 hours total on a bus?

I mean, you sleep and you eat, right?

When I got to the bus at 8 AM for Father’s day I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet… and I had a quarter pita and hummus in my sandwich. And grapes. And after having exercised/hiked for four hours total the day before…

Let’s say there were dreams about eating (something more than grapes)…

And… I wasn’t sleepy enough…

So in that case what do you do?

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