Day 10 in DC

And what kind of weather is THIS? (time when I loaded this page: 6:12 PM)

Well it’s slightly off in that it just started raining. And… it just stopped. Or did it? (Looking from my apartment window)

HEY so back to DC blogging! I have this idea that if I do one thing to meet each of my goals each day (exercise, eat less total crap, keep my work hours tracked and organized, sleep around 11-12, blog, read, write parts of my story) I’ll get to where I want to be, and who I want to be. One day.

Can’t brag about anything that hasn’t been done yet for more than a few days at a time since two years ago, but getting it down somewhere – even somewhere other than a journal that I never read again – means something. To me, that is. It would be awesome to be inspiring… let’s give that one a few years. Sure, most people at MIT are inspiring, but some are still putting their lives together, making mistakes and trying to come back from them – and look, one has just outed herself! (Or have I been all along?)

Left brain: “HEY! You said you were going to write about DC!”

“Oh whoops, I’m on another tangent. You know I’m an expert on them. I can draw a trajectory if you’d like…”

“OK, I’M pulling the reins here.”

SO today I got to the office on time (yesterday, in case you were curious after yesterday’s first post, my supervisor finally came at 2:30 PM with the new intern, and hadn’t been around earlier because he was meeting him, and then there was a power surge at 3:30 and we all left and…)

“I TOLD you to stop BUTTING IN, Marcela!!!!! We’re talking about TODAY!!!!”

OK so today I was working on trying to find devices to measure the flow rate and water quality of water that WMATA buses filter and reuse to wash their buses and save water. Then my supervisor brought me on a mini tour of one of the garages. I would have taken more and better pics but we didn’t have much time. I have to scout for system diagrams now.

Part of this reclamation system (they centrifuge the water)

More of the reclamation system

These stairs go down to somewhere where you can do an optional cleaning step for the bottom – but it’s apparently so scary that no one does it (source: the Supervisor)

The green light means that if a bus drove in RIGHT THEN it would get washed! Those two white strings on the mid-left start the system when pushed (like by a bus), but you have to push one up and then the other so it can’t accidentally get started (like my supervisor “tried” to do).

And then I came back early! =D But have to finish some work here and log hours.

But first is EXERCISE…

Time to make the trek through the now totally pouring rain over a grave distance (one block) to the GWU gym! Here’s what it looks like from yesterday when I went…


Till next time, folks!

Mandatory Awesome Video Time! (was going to find one with rain, but “Sunburn” works too) (The next video won’t be Muse, I promise!)

The official video’s here, links to youtube (it’s worth a look! Trust me!) – and the lyrics-only one is below.

And a video that’s fits right in to the first part of this post (since I can’t post this elsewhere later as it’s ALSO MUSE)

2 responses to “Day 10 in DC

  1. Hey Marcela!
    I kept seeing you talk about your resurrected blog so I came to check it out! It seems like you’re having fun time in DC! Also the weather there is pretty terrible I heard from ppl with past DC internships. Anyways, your project seems cool and LOL about not doing the optional cleaning step because it’s so scary 😛
    I’ll visit your blog during the summer to see how you’re doing. 😀

    • HIII JUDY!!!! Thanks so much for coming and commenting!!! =DDDD First comment this summer! I’m glad you liked that last post =) Hope you’re having an awesome start of the summer too!!!

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