7 Steps to an EXERCISE HIGH

1 – Don’t stop anywhere on your way back from classes/work – go right to the gym (…or wherever)

2 – Do 30 minutes of running intervals, from 6-6.4 mph (4ish minutes) to 8-8.5 (1 minute) and repeat – can also do 6 for 2.5 min and 7-7.5 for 1 minute and then 6 again once before 8 mph again – shake it up!

3 – Try to do 30 more minutes on the elliptical – do manual if you can’t reach the heart sensors, or else you’ll get off after ten minutes and get on this thing that’s like a weird-elliptical-push-up machine and die (in a good way)

4 – 2-3 sets of chins and dips, on the assisted machine if needed

5 – Realize it’s 8 and you haven’t eaten a real lunch or any dinner and drink tons of water

6 – Make an orange juice strawberry banana peach smoothie (or buy one if you don’t have a blender)

7 —- EXERCISE HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Everybody RUN!!!!!!” (from video)

(SUCH A good song, video’s not exactly happy but it’s awesome too)

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