Day 12 in DC

So with every high comes a crash.* (or… more than one?)

*I have no experience with highs from illegal substances. OK? If I haven’t told you already sometimes I AM HIGH ON LIFE. But this time is about EXERCISE

** And I’m only showing this video because it’s AWESOME. And was the first thing I thought of posting. And JROCKKK

Last night I was planning to post a longer post, but when I tried to go to the place where you post things again, the internet was suddenly no longer there. The wireless at this place is kind of iffy – fast when it works, and when it’s down it’s down for at least twenty minutes. I thought it wasn’t fair for the internet to crash by itself when it hadn’t been at the gym so I crashed too. BED.

Hey wait it’s not over yet…

So after work today, when I got to shadow my supervisor and sit in on two safety meetings at different bus garages and got out a bit early (3:30!), I decided to get my laundry and exercise done as soon as I got back, and then spend Friday evening OUTSIDE! (And buying boots to visit work sites that I didn’t have yesterday because the stores closed right when I finished exercise… haven’t quite got this time management thing down yet.)

SOOOOOOOO I go to the basement laundry room and see that each machine charges $1.50 (!!!), that they don’t have or sell detergent, go to my room, change into exercise clothes, bring my laundry to the basement, walk three blocks to CVS to buy detergent, bring detergent and all to gym, planning to do an hour of a low-medium intensity workout after yesterday’s…

Get on the elliptical, get confused about levels because every freaking elliptical has different levels/resistance/inclines whatever, figure out that I’m burning 680 calories per hour when I’m going on level 15 but only going like 4 mph, speeding up to 5 whenever my music gets fast which is like twice a song, and do that for half an hour.

Then I look around and the treadmills are taken. But who needs a treadmill when there are other cool machines such as ERGS?

So I get on this erg that someone tried to show me how to use once, and I’m apparently doing 650 calories per hour with each pull on average, and I was going to do it for 25 minutes… but the numbers were going down and I couldn’t bring them up. And I’m sure I was using muscles that haven’t been used for months or something and they were complaining. So… I only managed 10 minutes. Soooooo out of shape.

Oh and then I try to do 20 minutes of this treadmill at 6-6.3 mph, but it takes three minutes for my legs to tell me “Marcela we are NOT running for you right now.” Ever felt like a part of your body was going to faint and fall off? My legs felt like that, right then. So I tried to cool down and went to like 4.5 miles per hour, and my legs felt strained as if they were actually running, and I was like “OK Marcela. End of workout.”

So yeah, I crashed. It probably didn’t help that I had had a total of maybe 650 calories (I usually don’t count, but I had two Super Green bars – so good! and an apple and a little pita + hummus, so that makes it easy to tell) between 8 AM and 1 PM and nothing else by the time I started exercising at 6:30. Or that I was effectively doing intervals right after a day when I had been doing, well, intervals. And the erg. Guess you really have to build up to working out hard for many days (as countless people have already told me…)

I felt it in the backs of my knees as I walked to the dorm – like “you’re lucky we’re still holding you up…” ate another apple and nuts and three falafel balls after that =DDDD

OK so that’s the end of the crash stories… (or is it?)


No I didn’t forget – I’m still in my exercise clothes because everything’s still there.

I had counted out three dollars in quarters because I had some delicates, and put everything to wash (while dying and thinking FOOOODDD). The amount of empty space in each laundry thing was pretty sad, but I didn’t want to risk ruining the new clothes by mixing them.

So half an hour later I come back, with no more quarters. But I’m supposed to be able to pay with the access card they gave us. So I try it. It doesn’t work. It says pay by CASH OR CREDIT, and I have three dollars in cash, so I look at the left side – front – right – bottom – could’t manage the top or the side against the wall (but who would put dollar slots on either of those sides?). No place to put in cash. Figures.

So at 7:30, still in my exercise clothes, I go back to CVS with my three dollars. Ask the cashier if I can exchange them for quarters and she’s like “Ah, I’m sorry, we ran out of quarters. But maybe you can ask at Au Bon Pain that way…”

So I walk around the street looking for the ABP. And there are signs saying “2000 Pennsylvania Avenue – Where the Neighborhood Shops!” that has a list of stores. One of those stores being “Au Bon Pain.” So I walk on this Pennsylvania avenue and see storefronts for various stores. I walk around the other corner too. And look across the other street. Aaaaaaand… no ABP.

Time to use my cell phone. I try typing in ABP on google maps. And it gives me some place up a few blocks northwest, so I head that way. Maybe my phone was crashing too. It wasn’t. There.

I look at my phone again and check the address. 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘How could all of these stores be at the same address? They have one block for one address?’ I thought. So I walk back to THAT block and see a 2010 Penn Ave. HMMMM.

And a few more steps and… 2000 Penn Ave. Looking to all uninitiated onlookers like the lobby of an apartment building. So I walk in… and it’s an indoor mall with an ABP in it. OH and there was an entrance from the CVS I was in right into that mall. WHATTT.

THANK GOSH they gave me change (and I bought a small salad to show my eternal gratitude), walked back to the basement by 8:16, put everything in one dryer on delicate and used only 6 FREAKING QUARTERS to save the rest, and the machine says


And I’m like “%(#$%)#($&TIQJ#$OF(QU$TIGU($IQRJ”

And that’s how I ended up not going outside on a nicely warm Friday night. I would have hit Barnes and Noble if I’d left by 9, but…



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