Future Pages!

I was going to post an audio file and had problems… so I posted a video at the end…

Before I head to Barnes and Noble or the library to read up about coding (after waking up at 8:30, doing cardio and weights and some abs this morning with my roommate, and eating that ABP salad I bought yesterday with some nuts and two falafel balls – crazy!), WordPress already has features for making blogs cooler like adding “Pages”… I think that’s simple enough for me to try really soon…

I’m thinking of making a page for exercise-related posts, like an “Exercise Journal” page or something, so people can look for or skip them (like if you don’t want to read about every workout I do like the one in that first sentence). Posts that have multiple topics might be on multiple pages though, but I can try to avoid that in the future. And a “News” page with book reviews (reading “The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” now) and reports/thoughts of current happenings. Kind of to get myself to read the news as much as spread it – that requires having more than plus or minus 20 views a day, which requires publicizing, which I haven’t planned yet – I’d rather have a more solid vision and more useful content as opposed to solely “personal” content already on the site.

Other ideas for pages: media (asian dramas, manga, games, movies, media) thoughts and reviews, art/writing thoughts and samples, how-tos (where I might summarize interesting/helpful OCW stuff or software book stuff,etc.), and maybe a purely Personal Journal section.

I know there aren’t many readers yet, but thoughts and ideas are always appreciated! =]

Time for the FUN part (edit – whoops, post fail earlier, let’s see if a day can go by without re-editing a post):

(Love the cinematography and music, but not quite in love with the whole movie… I liked the beginning when she was a kid, don’t really remember the rest except she fell in love with an older guy… maybe? maybe not…)

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