Weekend in DC – Quick Overview + Podcasts

Yeah, I need to sit down for a while to write posts that pretend to have substance at all, but once I find a Barnes and Noble/Starbucks with good wifi (the internet here goes out for 20 minutes at a time) and get some crap done I’ll write a real post. Basically I did shit-ton of walking and shopping on Saturday and got financial stuff done and today I got up at 5:30 (due to a rogue alarm in the room), finished “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz at around noon, exercised, and am going to buy apples and a lunch-snack and sit in Barnes and Noble for FOREVER.

I’m planning to write a book review for that one, and I already have some book reviews that I might just polish up and post, once I make a book review page!

Anyway, for now I have to say it is AMAZING. Every single sentence and the way it’s constructed, all the culture, how real and utterly human it was – amazing. If you haven’t read it yet READ IT NOW.

One last thing – I never realized how great podcasts are, when you’re always walking around and can never sit still to read something like the news. I really like “The Moth,” “TedTalks” are there too (got the audio one but it’s not the same – get the video podcasts!), and “The Economist” so far has been good. BBC is kind of weird – first they release freaking half hour podcasts in the AM and PM. Then in them they talk about scandals, real problems like rising agricultural prices with anecdotes from the poor in the largest slum in Africa that move you, and then they talk about how to prevent the spread of STDs in the pornography industry – which is apparently really difficult because they won’t wear condoms. …Breaking, life changing news…? And my history teacher from high school claimed BBC was one of the best news sources out there…

My roommate also recommends Anderson Cooper 360 – haven’t tried his podcasts yet!

Video of the… early afternoon:

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