Day 19 in DC

Subway cars that are 100 degrees inside, only .2 degrees cooler than outside!

Having my phone die in the middle of a phone call in the middle of Whole Foods in the middle of Silver Springs-theater and bookstore and restaurants but where’s a payphone-ville and parents calling campus security on me!


Triathlon orientation!!! Where they said having a rest day is VERY important… so today’s “exercise” was that orientation (no workout involved, but took like an hour to get there) – so basically a rest day, after ten days of working out 45-up to 90 minutes a day! And 2 hours+ that first day outside!

After reading through the minimum requirements for each type of training, I took the training program for the half-ironman! Because who needs sprint and olympic races when they’re apparently qualified to train for something longer if they can run 5-6 miles and not get “sore”? (…maybe the crazy people that have never done them?)

Anyway it’s time to get my freestyle on. Gotta improve my time on the 500 meter swim from, er, 12 minutes. At least last time I checked (last fall) I could swim it without stopping. Like a Magikarp. On a 500 meter indoor track. *splash* *splash* *splash* *splash*

Maybe I’ll go back to pika to get my bike? Would it be cheaper to bring it back and forth, or to rent one? Hmm…

Anyway I’m kind of tired and kind of a bad daughter and kind of didn’t eat dinner and it’s probably a little late for that and I’m supposed to be trying to be “healthy” so… .5 energy bar + bed + an especially incoherent blog post.

ON THE MENU for the rest of the week:

Something (about Green?) Politics
Book Reviews
World-Building (for fantasy)
…maybe your cool idea here?

Wait! Almost forgot!

Discovering that Jared Padalecki just joined Twitter!!!!!! =O

I know this is kinda old but, one person said they wanted to see more pictures on here so…

Looking forward to long “twitter conversations” between Jared and Misha, especially one calling the others’ followers “Maxi-Pads”… =DDDDD LOLOLOLLLLLL well I don’t know if I’m willing to don that name and follow JarPad… hmm…

(*cough cough SUPERNATURAL *cough cough)

(*cough shoutout to Sammy who showed me what it is *cough)

Video of the day:

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