New Bookstore!

I was trying to decide which bookstore to bury myself and be a hermit in I should go to around here, as there must be more than Barnes and Noble around DC… and I came across this one called “Politics and Prose”!

One great thing about their bookstore is that they have tons of author events – three left to go this weekend, so maybe I’ll catch one tonight about “A Trial in the Summer” by Ann McLaughlin (name sounds familiar… maybe?) – a girl who was going to go to law school but wants to be a photographer instead… and then somehow romance is involved? I’ll read as much of it as I can before 6 PM, when the event is.

The store even has event recordings and podcasts of author events!

And, well, they simply have an awesome website.

I like it when you find new bookstores that you can sit down in, that feel like places where people actually come for knowledge and that the first books you see walking in are relevant books that you’ve always wanted to read or that immediately look compelling, about current events or how things work or whatnot. And author events and a cafe are pluses. Strands in New York was great for finding books I wanted to buy and buy them at amazing prices, but I could never sit down and spend a day there. So having all of them at once…


I’ll share my impressions later! (I’m assuming they have wifi, but if not… late later! =D)

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