The Rest of The Bookstore (Day 21)

Well, today I went to the Politics and Prose bookstore that I had mentioned in the last post, and it was pretty amazing! There were TONS of staff recommendations that all looked awesome, including a book about a woman who lived with chimpanzees to join her researcher husband and what she learned through the experience. I also read the first few chapters of Ann Lamott’s “Bird by Bird,” which is a great book for anyone who gets writer’s block =) I’m sure later chapters will be good for down-to-earth story-telling advice as well.

Just reading Lamott’s sentences – “reading like a writer,” like Francine Prose advises us to do in a book of that name (which needs to be reread and reread to get the most out of it) – you can see how the author successfully keeps us interested. She split up her sentences so they are short and go by fast (hint hint, Marcela!). She likens each point she’s making (writing is a struggle, even for seasoned writers) and each piece of advice (get words on paper by getting in the mindset of filling “the next short assignment”) to a vignette, a life-filled description, both or either taken from her own life experiences with her family or as a writer or teacher. Her introduction is a semi-autobiography on its own. Basically, I love the way she ties her own story in to her book of advice.

The book reading was a little hard for me to sit through – unfortunately the author Ann McLaughlin had had throat damage from polio I think so she had difficulty speaking, and I had not read the book she was talking about yet. But all in all I think it’s worth the 45 minute journey there and hour and a half journey with a detour to Whole Foods (and then a decision to never go back there because Trader Joes is just >>> than it) back.

Been studying CSS on, but I should really start XML and Javascript – just some more reading/brushing up to do. Tomorrow I will go to a swim equipment clinic for the triathlon group I joined to decide what swimsuit to get, and swim in the evening! =D

That’s all for today (yesterday).

(Alt) Music!

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