Day 22 in DC

Bought some magazines to read on the treadmill!

Including this one. Talk about multi-tasking.

I was going to go to the swim equipment clinic, but was sleepy and it was kinda far (like an hour away?). So I just read the notes from former clinics online. And bought a swimsuit. The smaller size, like the “clinics” advised. And goggles. (And forgot a cap…)

Then I was GOING to go to the actual swim clinic, where they have some kind of orientation about how to be safe in the water and lanes, but I had read the notes for those online (lane on the far right is slowest and far left is fastest, dah dee dah) and it was late when I got to the bus stop. (Had gotten too involved in reading some programming books… oops)

So I decided to go to a clinic later (they offer multiple ones since there are at least 200+ active Z members or so) and came back to the gym at GWU. Did 35 minutes of treadmill trying to read about Navigation and HTML5 and whether it would be a “Flash-killer” or not (couldn’t read the smaller print that was the ARTICLE), and “15 Ways to Make Great Sites for Less,” climbed an indoor climbing wall (which is actually a TREADWALL that rotates as you use it, you can adjust the angle and speed – so cool!) and then abs for a combined 15ish minutes, and then 10 minutes of elliptical while trying to see whether the kid in Law and Order that was like 16 and said he was a pedophile, turning himself in so he wouldn’t do anything bad, was lying or traumatized by someone else, and what would happen to this coach that showed the kid sexual stuff and gave him that idea on Law and Order, and then the kid was KILLED, perhaps by one of his PARENTS, and I left at 8:45 but I left kind of confused and unsatisfied. Maybe they’ll arrest the coach that seemed to imprint his ideas on the kid, but, y’know, wouldn’t it be nice to see them at least try to treat the kid like a human and get him help or counseling, and not just make the police hate him and his parents disown him, when the police admitted that he was a victim too? Or at least say that you could look at the problem in two ways? I was just very confused.

ANYWAY last week I mentioned a couple of post topics that would be coming up. One of them (World-Building!) requires that I finish reading this really small book about myths, but it’s more of an analysis of trends of myths over our history than awesome stories, so I’m 3/4 through but bored out of my mind. I’ll finish it book tomorrow. (Hint hint preview for that post… coming someday somehow)

Tomorrow: 6AM – is BOOTCAMP at Washington and Lee High School! 20 minutes away (…would I get to work on time if I went?) Honestly, I did not get enough sleep every day last week (nice would be 8 hours, but I’d sleep at 12:30-1 and wake up at 4 or 5 and try to sleep again) so I may or may not go, but if not I’ll make it up.

Next time I’ll just have to sleep earlier. And get in a routine to fit all this in so that I do make practices – or do bootcamp exercises at my gym if it’s impossible. Reality check, idealist. Definitely going to swim practice tomorrow evening though! Half-ironman, here I come!!!! (….what?)

Video of the just-after-midnight! (Just discovered this, like, right now!)

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