Day 23 and Some Insanity

Today I went to a partnering meeting at work, which is when the company working on a project (WMATA) and its contractors/other involved parties (the engineers that carry out the construction, power, etc.) meet and talk about any issues with the project, communication, etc. and brainstorm solutions. We broke out into tables at one point during the three hour meeting to talk about different parts of the project. I was at the SCADA table because I had some questions about it in regards to my own bus wash project. And then one person from each table presented their own concerns about each part of the project, and possible solutions and action items.

So I go up from my table to post the large paper I had taken our notes on SCADA on onto the wall, turned back to see who would present from our table… and they were all looking at ME. The facilitator said, “I’m gonna put you on the spot! Now you get to know how it feels to be an intern!”

So… tried to sidesweep the awkwardness and read the points. Started out awkwardly still because since everyone was from a different team, not everyone knew what SCADA was. So I had to describe it. “System… systematic… synchronized control and data acquisition…”

Well after that it went by much less awkwardly. When we broke for lunch, people said “Great job,” and “Your forte is public speaking.” Take THAT naysayers that say I’m the worst public speaker in…! ANYWAY…

Someone asked me about whether I wanted to stay with WMATA or not in the long term. I said “I don’t know at this point… I’m exploring to see what I want to do and what works and doesn’t work for me.” Or something like that.

And one guy asked “Would you rather work in the government or in the private sector?”

And I said, “I don’t know. If I had some kind of influential position in the government, like a powerful advisor position, I’d consider it.

“But even though environmental engineers are typically known for doing water quality-type work, I’m interested in climate models, and I’d like to have a place in the process from research that gets you the numbers you put in those models to the policy-making that uses those models to choose an optimal solution. Whether it’s making the models, making the policy, or both. It would be cool to do a startup that provides those services, but I may have to gain more experience first – I’m not sure at this point.”

WHOA look Marcela has CAREER GOALS!!!!!!!!

And by climate models, I mean sources of emissions/emissions cuts and capture, which new technologies would have the least impact on the environment or, conversely, do the most to address our current issues.

Anyone want to do a startup with me? Accepting all takers!

(Seriously, even if nothing happens now, networking is AWESOME!!!)

Oh and I also wanted to start an environmental club last fall, mainly for discussion about philosophy and the environment and current issues, but also as a resource and community for members to do community service events, go on outdoor trips, etc. And now I want to try that again. Started a club out of nothing in high school junior year – why not in my MIT junior year?

The absolute MINIMUM I want to do (which would be a prerequisite for getting this club out of the ground, if it happens) is to make a fun, interactive, interesting site about the environment for MIT students. Maybe for people in the Cambridge area too – local events?

With like GAMES and cool GRAPHICS and ANIMATION and… (hold it right there Marcela)

OK so I want to make a website this summer, and then possibly a club. And then possibly a startup.

And take classes in other majors, and do D-Lab, and do a sport/continue working out 6 days a week


Wow I was going to write about the rest of my DAY IN DC.

One sentence: after the meeting at work and some more work left to do running with the Triathlon group (Team Z) I joined and took a cue sheet thinking that we were going to do four miles but it was actually five and everyone but the guy ahead of me decided to cut their run to like 3 something miles but it was still fun and I came home and found this 5 star “Fuel Pilates” place on Yelp and now on top of two workouts a day I want to take Pilates at least twice a week starting tomorrow.

Hello, my name is Marcela and I have no sense of reality and don’t care.


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