New Plan: Game DESIGN

That’s right. I got this idea last night after my 2 or so mile run.

Isn’t there an easier way to learn chemistry than a typical MIT class?

What if there was a GAME that could teach you chemistry? Or better yet, that could teach MIT students chemistry?

So… now I have a plan to do an action-adventure game where the player gets to save the world, in different scenarios, on an atomic/molecular level. Involves an avatar-like premise and nuclear stuff and photons, and I’ve been imagining playing it on the Wii with a feel like Super Mario Galaxy, but also action scenes like in Sonic and Shadow (a game on Dreamcast when I was twelve… haven’t seen any good sonic games since the one where Shadow got to skateboard in the city at night… epicccc)… have ideas for teaching about s and d and f orbitals and irregularities, but still trying to figure the rest out…

(have to relearn chemistry)

Just downloaded Unity, which is apparently a “game engine” that’s been used, even in professional games, and you can apparently use Java, C#, or Boo (Python) – I currently know one of those! There’s also UnReal Engine, but I think Unity looks good for now…

Then comes graphic design and actual programming and story-writing/making some videos in between playing parts to keep the story going (since it’s an adventure game)… research CHEMISTRY… figure out Animation 101, 201… 100001…

Anyway goals for the summer: website, game design, triathlon (probably just going to practice by myself instead of trekking half an hour to an hour to two practices a day each way – signed up for PILATES though and have a swimsuit now too!), oh yeah and do well on my actual internship…

One day I’ll move past the goal-making stage and get to the implementation stage. One day. That’s… the goal PLAN.

Vid vid video (not Mario or any Wii games though – try them out yourself! =P)

Wish this could be part of the soundtrack of the game though =D

One response to “New Plan: Game DESIGN

  1. Some of the wii sonic games are pretty badass. Shadow shows up and I think swords are involved!

    Unreal engine works well so I here.

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