Day 28 in DC (or a story that kind of begins with banana bread)

Instead of paying $200-300 total for pool use, master’s registration, etc. etc. that you’d need to do this triathlon club in DC (and not realizing that until they had sent us more information – but I hadn’t paid anything yet! So there!), I thought I’d join this free running club Lululemon has. With free pastries from ‘Baked and Wired’, one of the most highly rated bakeries of its kind in the Georgetown area. I was ready to run 6 miles and get some chocolate chip banana bread =)

So it’s Saturday morning. I wake up at 7:44 AM, remember that the running club starts at 9 AM, and then go back to half-sleep.

In this half-sleep I have a dream that my parents took me away from DC to San Juan, and were driving around on the outskirts of the two (because in dreamland San Juan and DC were right next to each other). And I’m like “Can’t I go to the running club? We have time! Pleeeeeease?”

And then they’re like “You have to do this or that other obligation” and that thing lasts long enough that I’ve missed the running. And have to stay in San Juan forever and never go back.

My roommate gets up and I start blinking my way out of the half dream, look at my clock – 8:42. Oh NO!

By the time I’ve gotten ready and gotten my cell phone and gotten to the bus stop it’s 9. I check my cell phone just in case they say they wait for people or have a yoga class or something…

“Running Club Sundays 9 AM, Yoga Sundays noon”

UM. At least… now I’m awake?

Spend an hour at the gym (when it’s so NICE OUTSIDE… but I haven’t found a pouch to put my room keys or water in yet).

Maybe I’m a psychic or something (even when I’m not) because my parents called and were like “why don’t you come to NYC tomorrow?” “I have this running thing at 9 but maybe I can take a bus at 11… wait then I’d get there at 3 and the day would be over…” “We want to see you for brunch or lunch or…” “OK I’LL TAKE THE BUS AT 8 AM”

See? Psychic.

Then I met a friend from college, who’s also in environmental engineering and working nearby! We walked around Roosevelt Island, and even had a picnic in front of a meadow. She had made black bean burgers, and brought fresh cucumbers and a tomato from the farmer’s market. And the area was so beautiful! I’ve missed hiking so much. We passed this statue at the beginning.

Roosevelt Statue

Then we walked towards the airport… when we reached the train station it was… 4:20. We’d started at 1. I was a bit like x_____X

But there were still hours left in the day… which meant that there was time to get that chocolate chip banana bread!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Mission accomplished!


For all those that knew me in high school and had me send this to them and were like “you are OBSESSED with this..” Yes, I can STILL hold on to obsessions that old. Don’t you know me?

And yes, it’s a GUY. It’s TM Revolution!!!!!! I’m totally spazzing along with him right now. (But you knew that too.)

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