Day Trip to NYC – at Stogo

This is for the friend that said she’d read this if it was a food blog…

Went to the best vegan ice cream place in NYC for the first ice cream I’ve had… in at least 30 days! (Even living in hot hot hot DC!)

But what could beat Stogo, that small parlor in the east village? With cupcakes and chocolates and cookies too?

For all vegans and non-vegans out there…


Here’s the ice cream I got – “Bananas Foster” and “Hemp-based Turtle (salted chocolate + caramel + walnuts).” But the pure “hemp-based chocolate” is STILL the best. This one was too sweet for me. Mom: “Guess that means you have to come back to NYC!”

Aaaaand now for cupcakes! One day, maybe my next birthday, I’ll try one…

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