Day Trip to NYC – On The Bus

What could be interesting about spending 9 hours total on a bus?

I mean, you sleep and you eat, right?

When I got to the bus at 8 AM for Father’s day I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet… and I had a quarter pita and hummus in my sandwich. And grapes. And after having exercised/hiked for four hours total the day before…

Let’s say there were dreams about eating (something more than grapes)…

And… I wasn’t sleepy enough…

So in that case what do you do?

Well for one – don’t bring your computer. If it’s a day trip. Or if you want to get things done. The internet’s slower than dialup anyway. You won’t be spending the time you said you were going to read X and write Z doing getting distracted by videos, online games, and stupid questions on Yahoo – you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your computer can’t get itself an IP address.

Bring your notebook. Doodles, randomness, story seeds, goals – bring them all. And bring that book that you HAVE to read. And magazines like “Boston Review” that you’re almost finished with or “Fletcher’s” that you haven’t even started but know you HAVE to read to know what’s going on in the world and understand it. Can only do two political ones – you say Sorry “Economist,” I have to save you for my flight to China. Or my next trip to the B&N or Politics and Prose. (or my next life)

Then… make goals for the bus ride. Say you want to read? Read! There’s no need to rush… you’re just on a bus. Read “Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”! It’s great!

Say you want to make a website? Start sketching ideas! If you could find a design ideas book and bring it with you or snap pictures – even better.

Or you want to make a game? And just decided that a few days ago? Start by writing out what’s going to happen in the game – what the story is. Who the characters are. Put down whatever you can – this is your material!

(The ride might be long enough to do all of these things at once…)


There was one interesting little story from the bus ride from NYC back to DC, but I’ll save it now due to time and needing sleep. – so I’ll probably update this post tomorrow.

Video: found this today, from Flow when they had about just started I believe…

And love it. If you ever need music to put you in a good mood – Flow is THE band. I am totally celeb-crushing on Keigo at the moment. And the guitar player is AWESOME too…

And this will wake you up:

2 responses to “Day Trip to NYC – On The Bus

  1. Thanks! Same for your dad =D I’m sure he’s thrilled that his daughter is doing awesome summer research in FLORIDA!!! =]

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