Day 31 in DC

Whoa it’s been a month???

Anyway this’ll be a short post, as I got out of work at 6:30 and have had an average of 5 hours of sleep per night and realized that sleep, yes, is a crucial thing. Lack of sleep => more disjointed/rambly blog posts => steps that lead to burnout in all things => the end of the WORLD (there is a slight possibility that that last one is an exaggeration)

So why was I at work from 8 AM to 6:30 PM?


With this thing!

Had to go 1.5 hours out (on the train) and another 1.5 back to get reclaimed water, city supply water, and wash water (supposed to be a mix of the two). Going outside/traveling is SO AWESOME.

Then I got back at 3. The whole measuring process took just over 3 hours. I was measuring pH and conductivity. Had to calibrate the conductivity with two different calibration fluids, measured the conductivity and temperature of two wash water samples, realized that I could have calibrated the pH at the beginning too because both are measured at once, put the dip-cell (the black thing in the picture below that you DIP into liquids to calibrate) into the pH liquids, realized that the pH 10 was off and decided to make my own pH calibration fluids instead of using my own…

ANYWAY here’s me calibrating the dip-cell to pH 4, on the right, in my makeshift lab that was a 2 foot square kitchen in its past life:

Thing is, whenever I put a new liquid into a container I had to rinse the container with deionized water. And the dip-cell (I assumed). That’s really the part that took up all the time. Just almost but luckily didn’t run out.

This is what the reclaimed water looks like:

There’s a possibility that it might be all city (clean) water, if the reclamation (recycling) system isn’t working properly.

But what do I know? At 6:20 I typed up my data and went home.

We share the building with two other companies that have people. Here’s the lot:

Kind of exhausted when I got back, after 5.5 hours of sleep and intervals the day before, but guess where I made myself go?

The gym to do 5 miles at an average 9 minute mile pace and then “cool down” for 10 minutes to get 6 miles done. No energy? What?

Awesome Indian food + a water bottle + water + awesome work = energy!

Aaaaaand… *last bit of energy fades out*

Wait there’s still a spark left!

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