Day 32 in DC

Short post about a water bottle, a picture, and TWO videos!

Time for an ACTUAL short post –

Today I used my new 2 liter waterbottle (filled twice – 8 glasses!) for the first and possibly last time.

Since when I started reading a photoshop elements design book (that could probably translate to GIMP), I thought ‘oh I’ll check out multiple books and just hang out here’ and left my water bottle on the shelf.

Sooooooo I got my cardio jogging to pilates in my converses, jogging to Barnes and Noble, jogging back home, jogging back to Barnes and Noble, and coming back without my WATER.

But hydration is SOOOOO IMPORTANT……

Guess that resolution is… erm… still in progress.

Anyway that’s all for now – my friends and I are having a skype chat comparing actors and which ones we like best =P It’s a very intense conversation. So I might update more later…

Okay, I’m back and the winner of our Jensen/Jared/Leo/JG/James something/etc. competition is…

RYO NISHIKIDO, who is both an actor and a singer, so here’s one of his songs! He’s the second one that sings!

Aaaaaaand if that’s not your genre (were you not there when that last video came out though? Sooooo fun) I just found a new Asian Kung Fu Generation song (FINALLY!!!!!!!) and the song’s cool! As always, the best of indie rock! It kind of reminds me of Weezer more than their other songs, but it’s AWESOME and has collaboration for the first time which is also AWESOME, and the vid is cute, so here it is!

(And why do I always crush on the lead guitarists? But isn’t this one (non-singing) so cute in the vid? KITAAAA)

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