A short short update =)

So I’m going to start doing this thing called catching up on sleep for reallllll.

Yup. No friends on oovoo, pilates yesterday and xtend barre today leaving my invisible abs saying ‘…………….. AAAHHHH SHE MOVEDDDDD ……. OWWWWWWW WHY IS SHE LAUGHIINGGGGG ………’ and needing to wake up from 6-6:30 AM again, I’m gonna finish this and sleep like… half an hour earlier than usual. (Okay, I slept later yesterday, but the police that may or may not stalk this thing did not hear that.)

Good news though – just an hour ago I finished “A Short History of Myth” by Karen Armstrong, and have a review/creativity-related blog post in progress! Hoping to get more reviews/news related posts coming out!

If you want to know about today – I looked at books on photography and sketching/”how to draw ANYTHING” in the BN bargain section but decided to not get them (until later… for game/website/novel illustrating, with all the TIME that I dream I have…), tried to see what it would take to switch/double in electrical engineering/comp science (what???) and may do the same for environmental science and a public policy minor and an energy minor and an economics something and…

Yeah, that’s all I got.

Musica! Ongaku!

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