GO with the FLOW (band)

I am obsessed with FLOW. Again.

Let me share one of the ways. Let’s go by the moods.

First, want a song that will totally wake you up at work?

Mood: A Screw Loose

I think I’ll LOL at this forever. It’s like a Japanese “Lonely Island.” They’re like “we’re Japanese and have no bulk” and go to a “program”… where they get bodysuits buff and fake tans.

I think Keigo (red shirt) wins at hilariousness with his man-boobs. I think he’s originally the scrawniest, and he’s the most awkward one… it’s SO great.

*LOLing forever*

As someone that admits and owns to her own insanity, seeing others also being my kind of insane brings me into a whole new level of OMGBESTHSIFHERIGHOEAKJFKLHTAGIOWEHGL

Mood: Sentimental aka Better than a Korean Drama

There are so many things I love about this song and video. In terms of the song and its lyrics, even though it could fit into the sentimental/emotional song genre, it is full of energy and a careful optimism. The lyrics could apply to many situations well beyond the video. It’s a perfect song for friends, teachers, when moving, graduating. Or even other kinds of departures. And it also has lines that concern unfinished business, and I take them to mean, “I’ll take this last chance to do what I want to…” which is the meaning that the video capitalizes on.

As for why the video is BETTER THAN A KOREAN DRAMA… in this case I see less as more. Sure, dramas and videos are different, but most dramas use big events to create the conflict – you know, cancer, incest, from rags to riches, revenge, etc. etc. And in Korea their music videos do too. If a Korean video had these lyrics, someone would have a tumor, or if they decided to have a photographer he would end up giving his eyes to the girl he liked who lost them in the music video or something… you know, hypothetically.

But this is a simple story, about taking the last days before departing school and friends and making the most of them… and it’s sparse enough that you can fill in the blanks/create your own story if you want, but the former is the basic premise…

Just LOVE.


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