“Fitness Personality Colors”

Wow, I’ve been really blog-happy the last few days, but since I’m in a bit of a rut with my story (that I plan to have five more pages done of… by tomorrow morning…), I thought I’d just do a quick post to share something I found. About EXERCISE.

So I get email updates from Care2, which is this site that might be the most hippie one that’s ever existed. Even more so than Grist and the Sierra Club (which I also get email updates from… ONE DAY SOON I’ll do an ‘environmental’ post…)

One of the headlines in a newsletter I opened was “What is Your Fitness Color?” I was like “Oooo Fitness! Colors!” So I clicked it.

Usually the articles on Care2 veer towards common sense advice, motivational articles, ‘be good and true to yourself and the planet,’ etc., but this was one article that I found a bit more interesting. Mostly because I’m curious about personality-type tests.

Anyway the article gives you one of eight colors based on your four-letter personality type (example EFTP – if you want more information or want to find your ‘type’ you can go here or search for Myers-Briggs as that’s just a random one – I think most people have seen this in school or the web already though). Then based on that color, it tells you what types of exercise habits (consistently? spontaneously?) and types (with others? alone? focused? with music?) you would be ‘happiest’ with. There was a page for each color, so the entire article is 10 pages.

I fall in the Saffron color range, and according to the article that means I am motivated by ‘music’ and ‘play’ and like doing exercise spontaneously. It recommended that I find exercise places near home AND work, so I can go when I’m ‘in the mood’ (ahem… that is just SPOT ON me for doing ANYTHING), and that I take classes with music like group cycling, yoga, and dancing.

So what do I think of the article, and its usefulness and practicality??

I think that it is a very beneficial starting point for someone who’s just getting into the habit of exercise, but is afraid of feeling ‘bored’ or unhappy with what they are doing. Running on treadmills isn’t the only option. I also think it might open up your eyes if you’re already exercising, but don’t realize why you were more motivated doing some activities than others, or maybe can’t choose, or maybe even want to switch up your routine – self-awareness is always good. Almost all exercise-focused magazines today focus on how to get those perfect abs, or race a half marathon, burn the most calories in 15 minutes, or lose ten pounds – I don’t think I’ve actually seen an article that takes people’s exercise preferences or personalities into account. Some people get fit doing pilates and no running, some people backpack all the time, and some do a combination of activities. It’s not like there’s one perfect routine for everyone. Even all the busy corporate workers with no time. What about the ones that can’t stand the gym, or can’t work out consistently alone?

Anyway. This article is also only just that – a starting point. It’s not the end-all be all, and it’s not complete advice. “Saffrons” like me find purpose in life by putting some discipline into it, which means making ourselves work out X days a week even if we don’t initially ‘feel like it.’ And running (…with my headphones) as well as weight-training and sometimes elliptical have helped me and become my favorite forms of regular exercise. We all have weaknesses, and I wanted to work on my accountability by working out, and being THE person that makes sure I work out, not only doing classes (I do some pilates too! =D) – and running has helped me do that. Maybe I also like it because I think of Slumdog Millionaire when the kids sprint like CHEETAHS away from everyone and I’m like “I want to be like THEM!”… so running makes me feel adventurous… and playful? At least that part of the article applies?

Bottom line: Check out the article and find your fitness color, but don’t restrict yourself to the activities they suggest for your color! Think about what motivates you to run and use that to help you achieve your own goals!

And in general, personality tests should be taken with a few grains of salt, but they are still FUN and thought (or debate) provoking! =)

Workout-playlist-worthy music video time! Never enough FLOW!

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