Japanese Music!

Why break this daily blogging thing while it’s going strong? And I’m better about blogging now than writing my story because I keep seeing new characters or new ‘group dynamics’ between them every day… right now I have a fantastic three for Part I that will eventually somehow form and expand, it might even be a fantastic five… even before we meet the second protagonist… well at least I can say I’ve worked on CHARACTERS and PLOT DEVELOPMENT?

Today was my last full day of work – tomorrow I’m cleaning my office, picking up my Chinese visa, and coming back for an exit interview. (Quick aside – I think my asian-ness is becoming a bit too obvious because when the girl that did my passport photo asked for cash, I said something like ‘Hold on, I have to look for it or come back later’ and she looked at me for a bit and then said something else. IN CHINESE. So I did what any person that totally understands would do and nodded and said ‘Thank you’ (since I’m pretty sure I would butcher ‘xie xie’))

SO today was my last full day of work so I’m already kinda getting into vacation mode. Since I’ve been at work for 11 weeks straight since the Monday after finals week.

That’s not to say I won’t miss work, as I really enjoyed doing a solid project and loved the busy times and usually only wanted there to be more busy times, as I had practically finished my part a few days before leaving – but OMG FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM

(And China the week after next – how am I going to survive if I can’t even say ‘xie xie’?)

SOOO I’m getting into VACATION MODE… what does that mean?

That means listening to crazy rock music NONSTOP!

Which I will now share with the world!

I have no idea what’s going on with the person in the video but love the music!

I especially like this MV! Can I be an extra in one of their videos? Please???? I’m sure my friends will volunteer as references for my general insanity in the face of music. (Or maybe just in general)

Not Japanese… so WHAT?

Hahaha Shikamaru… (by the way, is Naruto STILL going? Please say no?)

Different, but how could I not include Monoral here? This is a Japanese band! Or an English-singing band based out of Japan? Just two people? Two geniuses? (The anime in the video – Ergo Proxy, which the song is an OP for – had so much potential. But the characters fell flat. Ahhhhhh what it could have been…)

KPOP boyband singing Japanese! Is it okay that I like their Japanese songs better than, say, ALL of their korean songs? Perhaps because I can understand them more? And they’re faster?

With the exception of their award-winning MV Rising Sun!

Well nowadays I mostly listen to this band (even if the singer can’t really dance in this video… he looks like a rotating tree):

Afraid that I’ll run out of music for my next posts? (Or hopeful? =P) Fear (or hope) not, I am nothing but resourceful! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Feel free to share any music you like, anytime, or just listen if you’d like!

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