Hello World!

Wow! I’m back after two months of oh so mysterious absence. In those dark times, I finished my summer internship, spent two and a half weeks in China, and started my junior year at college. I dove into all of the new things, setting new goals and leaving this blog behind for a bit. =( I’m back, blog!

I realized something when I spent time spamming out my thoughts and videos on Facebook and used my to-do-list notebook less often than I had when I was living in Washington D.C. I wasn’t really reflecting on my experiences, or setting routines, as well as I had done over the summer. Sure, I got my exercise in – 1-2 hour runs at least 2-3 times a week. My first week back at school, I got up at 5 AM each morning, hit a treadmill or elliptical at 6:30, and went to spinning or yoga at 7 AM. It was pretty crazy. I dreamed about waking up each morning and doing this, and being able to relax and take my time getting refreshed and ready from 8-9:30 or 8-10, with plenty of time to be early to my first class.

I think this is nearly the end of week 4, and cracks are already starting to show. Good to catch them early, right? Don’t know if I had problems getting to classes early, finishing my psets on time, or making my planned class or exercise thing this early any term. (Except maybe last term, when I had kind of given up, and a bit the term before – but I lasted until the end of October.)

So what am I going to do about it? You know, it’s not good to go into a self-pity party and I-hate-my-life-I’m-at-the-hardest-college-in-the-States-and-probably-the-world party at times like this. The only way I can get a handle on it is by writing.

Writing about my goals, my distractions. So today, as I’ve been working 7 hours non-stop on a pset due today (that I missed three classes for) and am emailing in and crossing my fingers about, I took the time to deactivate facebook, get RescueTime, and install a site blocker to keep myself off of facebook, fanfiction.net, livejournal, dramabeans, spoilertv.com, and powerpets. Yes, you heard that right. Powerpets.

Haven’t given up on music yet, and while my productivity might very very slightly increase without it, my endurance would totally plummet, and I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Music really is a beautiful thing. Getting me through this matlab script that makes me think I’m doing a course 6 or 18 pset instead of freaking hydrology.

Now, then. Writing regularly. I experimented with 750words.com this week and liked it, so I’ll use that when I need to barf out extremely frazzled or crazy thoughts (or write novelll stuff…). I’m thinking about continue to blog, since I’ve noticed I’ve been much more productive when I’ve used blogging as an outlet but also a place to list goals and keep myself accountable, since I’m reporting to, like… the internet. More posts to come, with some interesting adventures and discoveries, and perhaps an attempt to get back onto the ROW challenge and the next writing challenge! When I catch up with everything!

Video of the day (guess which site I HAVEN’T BLOCKED, unlike China) –

Farewell, it’s a new beginning!

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