Music to De-Stress when Psetting for 9 hours

This post is really for me, since I’m hungry (had a few handfuls of ‘go-lean’ cereal and an apple and a bit of hummus with like two wheat crackers since I woke up…) and will probably go grab dinner before going to finish this freaking matlab stuff.

Music discoveries! Travel to another world with these (vocal trance, soundtrack, etc.) songs…

I’ll start with the part of Spiderman (the first) that made it my FAVORITE superhero movie, the classic… too bad the sequels ruined the plot (…and the music – A CRIME BEYOND WORDS). This is what dreams are made of.

Here’s Yoko Kanno again with Ghost in the Shell music! (I was bored by the first two episodes I watched though, but I might try Cowboy Bepop?)

Ooo another inspiring one! Childhood memories! Flying~~~~

That’s all for now, dinner and then finish pset-time!

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